News: FWST: Garrett says Romo's mistakes happen when he tries to do too much, like most QBs

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Oct 11, 2012.

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    -- Carlos Mendez

    Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said Tony Romo is like just about every quarterback in the NFL when it comes to turnovers. He is going to make mistakes most often when he is trying to make something happen.

    “When you don’t run the football, when you’re behind the chains a little bit and you’re the guy who has the ball in his hands on every play, there’s a natural instinct if you’re a great competitor like Tony is to say, ‘Hey, I can do something. I can fix this.’ ” Garrett said at his press conference Thursday at Valley Ranch. “And ultimately, when you do that at any position, particularly at the quarterback position, you set yourself up for some difficult situations.”

    “I think Tony’s done some really good things for us this year, and at times when he hasn’t done good things, it’s probably because we haven’t been in a great situation and he’s trying to make up for something,” Garrett said. “He just has to go back and be 1/11th of the offense like he’s been throughout most of his career and do his job and trust everybody else to do their job.”

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    Protect him better and he won't try to do too much.
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    I think he tries to do too much because he knows everybody else on offense is not pulling their weight.
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    You think Garrett?
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    The elephant in the room.

    How many times PER GAME do we see Tony having to be the traffic conductor by pointing out where the players need to be for the called play?
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    I thought his mistakes happen when the receivers run the wrong routes or don't catch balls that hit them in their hands and when his offensive line allows defenses to treat him like a pinata.

    Thanks, Jason, for letting me know its because Romo isn't trying to just be 1/11th of the offense. Put 10 other players on the field worth being there and maybe Romo can afford to be 1/11th of the offense.
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    :bow: I don't understand how Garrett can take himself seriously some times.
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    for a smart guy who 'gives the best PCs in the history of the world', Garrett sure says some stupid things

    on the other hand, if he really thinks that romo is 1/11th of the offense and should play as such, then maybe, he is not just saying the supid things, but actually believes them (scary thought)
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    Yep. The reason for Tony Romo's successes and failures in one simple sentence.

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