News: FWST:Houck doesn't mind 'hooking his wagon' to Garrett

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    Houck doesn't mind 'hooking his wagon' to Garrett

    Veteran offensive line coach Hudson Houck knows what attracts assistant coaches to certain teams.
    A piece of advice he received early in his career still rings true 27 years later.
    "You want to hook your wagon to a guy you think is going to be a winner," Houck said.
    And Houck believes the Dallas Cowboys will be a winner under Jason Garrett. He has been around Garrett long enough to make that prediction, too.
    Houck's initial stint with the Cowboys lasted from 1993-2001, and Garrett was on the team from 1993-99. Then, the two were on the Miami Dolphins' coaching staff together from 2005-06. Houck was offensive line coach, and Garrett was quarterbacks coach. And in 2008, Houck rejoined the Cowboys' coaching staff after Garrett had come on board in 2007.
    The Star-Telegram met with Houck earlier this off-season before the lockout to talk about topics ranging from Garrett to developing young offensive lineman.

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    I've been impressed with Garrett thus far... Let's wait until the season starts to see how it all plays out though.
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    With Garrett and Ryan in place, the future looks far more promising than it might have been with last year's coaching setup. Hopefully, it's not just a mirage.
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    The real question is whether Houck will be a proverbial flat tire on Garrett's wagon or not,,, we already know that Campo will be the spare,,,,

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