News: FWST: Hurd, other Dallas Cowboys veterans in danger of not making cut

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Aug 24, 2010.

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    Posted Monday, Aug. 23, 2010

    By Clarence E. Hill Jr.

    OXNARD, Calif. -- The Dallas Cowboys are again shopping receiver Sam Hurd, an NFL source said.

    The Cowboys have denied they are actively pursuing a trade for Hurd, admitting only that "teams have called about him" but they "are not ready to do anything yet."

    Yet is the operative word.

    Hurd's $1.8 million salary makes it unlikely that he will survive the final cuts.

    Although he might be the team's best special teams player, he is also the sixth receiver on the depth chart. The Cowboys do not want to pay that much money to him to cover kicks when they can get a younger player with a cheaper salary.

    With that in mind, the first cut from 80 to 75 players is Aug. 31. And considering that the starters will play the bulk of the way in Saturday's preseason game against the Houston Texans, some decisions have already come into focus.

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    Not sure how I feel about that.
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    i agree man.. there's no reason to be talking about cutting a guy just for the sake of saving money in a season without a cap.

    if he got beat by a cheaper player fair and square then fine. but to potentially worsen our special teams coverage to save a million-ish bucks makes no sense . there are other ways to get that cash if jerry really needed it and not hurt his team.
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    Exactly, this is the one year where we don't need to worry about who makes what. If Hurd gets beat, then fine, but his salary shouldn't be a consideration this year.
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    The salary difference between Sam Hurd and an UDFA is significant. It would exceed a million dollars. I don't know the exact numbers but would probably closer to $1.3+ MILLION DOLLARS. I don't think Jerry would ruin the franchise over $1.3 mill, but if it was a pretty close call on special teams ability and the cheaper player had more upside as a receiver I have a feeling it wouldn't upset him to save $1.3 mill and shore up the receiver position contemporaneously.
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    This is how I feel about it.

    If RW doesn't show me a lot in the next 2 weeks I cut his arse and keep Hurd. With his ST play and knowledge of the offense Hurd is better deal.
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    I don't see Holly beating out Hurd. Holly is years aways from being an NFL WR and does anyone really think Holly vs. Hurd on ST's is an close match-up? Sure the team would like to save some cash, but I don't see Holly being a substitute for Hurd on ST's.

    All of the other's on the list I don't mind letting go. The Cowboys don't need 3 QB's. Primarily b/c McGee hasn't shown much improvement in the speed of his decision-making; and this team doesn't have much of a chance if Romo goes down anyway - certainly not if McGee, or any third QB, had to play.

    Watkins has shown us what he is and McCray and/or Church are his equal on ST's.

    McQuistan - enough said

    Anderson - everyone seems to like him b/c of his physical play, but I think Gronkowski brings more overall skill to the position.

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