News: FWST: Jason Witten, like Michael Young, rates a break

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    Posted Monday, Sep. 24, 2012

    By Mac Engel

    IRVING -- Say this for Jason Witten, the man knows his sports story arcs. He knows exactly what you are thinking, and saying.

    Namely, that he is deep fried done.

    "At this point it's all going to be asked -- is he slowing down?" Witten said Monday afternoon at the Cowboys' practice facility. "In my mind, it's ridiculous."

    Since he brought it up... Jason Witten has crossed over into the mythical place where all football players go to die: the 30s. He has been in the NFL since 2003, missed one game in that time, and absorbed plenty of hits to the head. Given the circumstances, it would be perfectly reasonable to believe he might be a dead man walking.

    One day after avoiding the media, Witten stepped out Monday and put all of the blame on "me, myself and I" for what has been the worst three-game stretch of his life.

    While his former understudy, Martellus Bennett, is killing it with the Giants, Jason Witten is suddenly the second coming of Texas Rangers infielder Michael Young -- a fan/media favorite whose value to their respective team is now a source of constant debate.

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    I know this makes great press, and I have to admit I didn't watch the CAR game last week, but up to that point, the'd been force-feeding MB straight forward receptions in their green zone. I know it looks good for fantasy football and on the stat sheet, but it's not really a fair indication of what sort of thread MB actually has become in NY.

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