News: FWST: Jason Witten: "It's nice what Toomer said about Tony Romo, but it's best..."

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    By Carlos Mendez

    DALLAS -- Tony Romo may have gotten a compliment from former Giants receiver Amani Toomer last week, but he's got to block it out, says Cowboys tight end Jason Witten.

    "All of us, but especially Tony, have got to be able to block that out, good or bad," Witten told reporters Friday at Dallas Jesuit, where he and three teammates spoke at a 7-on-7 high school football event.

    Romo is coming off a 31-touchdown, 10-interception season. He is going into his sixth full season as the Cowboys' starter, but the team is only 1-2 in the playoffs with him.

    "He had a really great season, but at the end of the day, we didn't make the playoffs. So we all can do more," Witten said. "I think he's an elite quarterback, and many people have said that. I think it's great that Amani said that. But at the end of the day, Eli's a Super Bowl champ. He's won two out of the last five years. They're doing a lot of things right up there. They're the poster boys of how you do it, not allowing adversity to get in the way."

    The Cowboys are two weeks away from the start of training camp in Oxnard, Calif. The first practice is scheduled for July 30, when the Cowboys start preparing for the season opener Sept. 5 at the Giants.

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    Dez's comments about the off-season workouts is exactly the same kind of comments that other players are saying.

    Coach Woicik is working his majik...!

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    Those were realistic comments by Witten. I just wish everyone on the team had his perspective. Perhaps in time a sufficient number of Dallas players will be willing to overcome adversity as well as the Giants have in the past. The team has gotten rid of a good number of those who might fit the profile of being regarded as deadwood recently in the offseason. Hopefully, that'll have an increasingly positive effect in the games that count the most.
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    Jason Witten: "It's nice what Toomer said about Tony Romo, but it's best..."

    No Jason, it wasn't. Toomer said when it came to crunch time... he'd take Eli.

    "Crunch time" is all that counts.

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