News: FWST' Jennifer Engel:George signing supercharges Cowboys

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Charles, Jul 24, 2004.

  1. keithshepherd

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    S. Davis

    If Eddie can give us a spark like he gave the panthers last year look out.
  2. MichaelWinicki

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    Not likely...

    Stephen Davis--

    Year Team G GS Att Yards Avg Lg TD 20+ FD
    1996 Washington Redskins 12 0 23 139 6.0 39 2 1 7
    1997 Washington Redskins 14 6 141 567 4.0 18 3 0 31
    1998 Washington Redskins 16 12 34 109 3.2 12 0 0 6
    1999 Washington Redskins 14 14 290 1405 4.8 76 17 7 84
    2000 Washington Redskins 15 15 332 1318 4.0 50 11 5 71
    2001 Washington Redskins 16 16 356 1432 4.0 32 5 8 74
    2002 Washington Redskins 12 12 207 820 4.0 33 7 3 47
    2003 Carolina Panthers 14 14 318 1444 4.5 40 8 11 69
    TOTAL 113 89 1701 7234 4.3 76 53 35 389

    Eddie Georg--

    Year Team G GS Att Yards Avg Lg TD 20+ FD
    1996 Houston Oilers 16 16 335 1368 4.1 76 8 8 67
    1997 Tennessee Oilers 16 16 357 1399 3.9 30 6 6 61
    1998 Tennessee Oilers 16 16 348 1294 3.7 37 5 5 72
    1999 Tennessee Titans 16 16 320 1304 4.1 40 9 5 66
    2000 Tennessee Titans 16 16 403 1509 3.7 35 14 4 78
    2001 Tennessee Titans 16 16 315 939 3.0 27 5 4 38
    2002 Tennessee Titans 16 16 343 1165 3.4 35 12 1 61
    2003 Tennessee Titans 16 16 312 1031 3.3 27 5 2 52
    TOTAL 128 128 2733 10009 3.7 76 64 35 495

    Eddie George "wishes" he was the back Stephen Davis currently is.

    Just keep looking at those last four years for both players.

    Stephen Davis the last four years 1,213 carries and 261 first downs.

    Eddie George the last four years 1,373 carries and 229 first downs.

    Any comparison between these two backs is strictly a mirage.
  3. DallasKnight

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    I don't care where it leaves Anderson. Hopefully unemployed. I never liked him. He was semi-productive, but he is an old back, who can't carry the load. Eddie and Julius just put him out of business.
  4. BHendri5

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    I like it , I like it a lot. I predicted over on my board that EG would be a Cowboy and that he would be the starter. With him back there and Jones coming in to spell him, our running game will not be ignored this season. Keyshawn voiced my sentiments exactly, with EG sitting in the back field any defense that ignores that has got to be crazy.
    Get ready Because the offense will have a great season, Carter has progressed and this season with a running game he will be able to pick teams apart, I have no doubt the Oline will be good, I had no doubt about them this season at all, not coming into a second season under BP. Rookies or not the Oline will be good.

    EG, getting those short yardage first downs, goaline runs, JJ breaking off long runs for big yadage and TDs, especially when we diecide to leave him in the game on short yardage.

    EG can catch coming out of the back field, Andersen, QC has the feel for his TEs now we saw that last season before defenses started taking that away from him, another season with Glenn, he has a big chain moving receiver in Key, also someone who will come back to the huddle and talk to him, tell him how he can beat the DB and things of that nature. AB finally has he head on straight (I believe his little break gave him time to think). Defense will be better even if they do not rank Number one.

    Return game will be better.

    13-3, i know before I said 12-4, I'm changing that now. nothing less than 11-5.
    And teams know we are here now. Execution baby, execution.

    I can hear the round up starting.
  5. HTownCowboysFan

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    While I am one who is usually against the signing of aged, "name" FA's, I really like this move by the Cowboys. If we had signed him to be "The Man," and had not drafted Julius, then I would disapprove. But that is not the case.

    I expect EG to have to good, solid year this season. I also expect J. Jones to slowly work his way in, getting the majority of his carries during the second half of the season. R. Anderson can now go back to the role he played last year, which is what suits him best.

    I wonder how many dudes have already bought their EG #27 already? LOL. I know TX Stadium will be full of them on September 19th.
  6. Erik_H

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    This looks pretty hard to reach to me, since I think George will be primarily a back up. I'd like to see Jones get the majority of the touches (this would meanthat he's playing well enough to earn them).If George does that this year, especially in a back-up/commitee role, we will have done well enough that the Bonus is worth it..

  7. BigDPlayer

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    Talks George had with former Ohio State teammate and current Cowboys wideout Terry Glenn as well as with off-season additions Keyshawn Johnson and Marcellus Wiley had similar themes. They are convinced Dallas can win it. And they convinced George.

    I *LOVE* that this team believes. INstilling hope, belief, confidence and pride in a team is the hardest part of winning. Once you BELIEVE you can do something you are halfway there. 2004 season is going to rock guys... are you ready for some football?!?!?!?! :p
  8. BadKarma

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    I favor this signing because it gives us options unlike last year. I can see George in a 3rd and short, keeping defenses on honest. Play selection in these situations aren't as predictable as before.

    Overall, our offense is starting to look somewhat respectable over last year.
  9. followthestar

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    the meat of the article are the numbers. emmitt has all the records that count, so eddie's aren't meaningful in that resppect. emmitt had excellent body control so he never took the hits that eddie did - or gave them out as equally (not that he lacked the courage). george's style not only complements julius jones' but gives us the inside punch we have lacked for several years. his experience alone is worth his price, because when we DO make the playoffs we won't have to look any further for a guy who can make a crucial first down, rahter than someone who perhaps might see a chance to pick up 5 more yeards and risk a fumble... george is a guy who won't make any such mistakes. i am all for it.
  10. big dog cowboy

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    So is it "supercharges" or "makes no sense" now??? Jeez the reporters are all over the field on this one.

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