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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Sep 16, 2012.

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    -- Carlos Mendez

    Jerry Jones wanted to give credit to the Seahawks, and he wanted to make sure he was understood.

    “In everything about playing football, they were better than we were today,” he said after Sunday’s 27-7 loss. “Every aspect of it. So we can call it whatever you want to call it, but they were better than we were today, all the way.”

    It was plain, simple talk from the Cowboys owner, who usually convolutes his sentences around themselves to get to a basic point.

    Sunday, there were no roundabouts.

    “They were prepared. They played ready. They played with emotion,” he said of the Seahawks. “We knew they were a good team when we came up here. And they are a good team, especially at home. So we do congratulate them. This is a disappointment for us, an example for us how about how to play with home field.”

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    Wonder if Jason Garrett was listening to what Jerry said... Somebody email this to Mr Garrett so he can understand what the BOSS expects...

    Gruden 2013
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    They weren't good last season, they wont be good this season. The rest I agree with, prepared and up to play us.
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    I really don't understand why the Dallas media rushes to interview Jerry. Is it in their contracts that Jerry has to be interviewed or what? I wish they would just ignore Jerry, win or lose. They're just feeding his ego. There is no good reason to be interviewing him about anything.
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    I appreciate Jerry's candid comments and read nothing that was overstated or untrue... or inappropriate. Plain talk is right. Hope it has the net effect on the team of encouraging noticeable improvement, if that's not too much to wish for.

    Today we were handed a total beat down. Jerry acknowledged that simple fact.
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    If he conducted himself like MOST owners in sports...they wouldn't. But when you conduct yourself like a coach, player, scout etc....then they cant wait to stick a mic in your face....because you are going to attempt to answer like a player/coach...but the reality is you are an owner...and it makes you look even more absurd...and that is EXACTLY what you want if you are a make a billionaire look and sound like a bumbling blow hard.

    Think about it....I am sitting in a sports bar...and almost every cowboy fan in the bar could be heard saying....Jerry is not going to be happy....or I wonder what Jerry is going to say about this. Not ONE. Not ONE could be heard wondering what Garrett was going to have to say. Telling!
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    I actually cant wait to see what Jurha has to say after games. Great comedic value.
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    Because Jerry makes that avenue available to the press more than any other GM in the NFL. He reduced his contact with the press when Bill was here and we had more a traditional coach-lead team, and then happily reverted back to "Jerry's in control" environment when he left.

    It's fun to news google NFL GM's, I bet Jerry is quoted more than all of his colleagues combined in any given season.
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    Home fans in Dallas?

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    Jerry is the ultimate decision maker in Dallas and he goes out of his way to be available, so of course the media is going to interview him especially since his responses are almost always gold mines of controversy and lunacy.

    Jerry's spin is the Seattle HFA won the game. His pet Felix Jones, aging DL, and terrible OL had nothing to do with the loss.

    IOW, his bad team-building skills are not to be blamed. This is all on the "better-prepared" Seahawks.
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    but he is the coach. At least that's what he said on friday.
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    Summed it up perfectly.
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    is this true?
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    check my sig

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