News: FWST: Jerry Jones says Dez Bryant will continue to be used on returns next season C

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Juke99, Dec 12, 2010.

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    Jerry Jones says Dez Bryant will continue to be used on returns next season

    Cowboys owner Jerry Jones reiterated on his radio show with Newy Scruggs on KRLD-FM that rookie receiver Dez Bryant will be used on kick returns again next season.

    Bryant suffered a season ending fractured right fibula when he was injured on a kickoff return in last Sunday’s 38-35 victory against the Colts.

    It raised questions about the decision to use a valuable player in such a high risk situation.

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  2. Juke99

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    Jerry's talking about how Romo will play this Choice is going to get more Dez is going to continue to return kicks...

    It'll never end.

    The Cowboys have a coach. Jerry should shut up and let him coach.

    All this stuff does is continually undercut the authority of the head coach.

    Whether Romo plays...Choice gets more carries...Dez returns kicks...should ALL be the decision of the head coach.
  3. Royal Laegotti

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    Well thanks for the update coach Jones!:rolleyes:
  4. dreghorn2

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    That was my first thought when i read the headline, it just never ends with this guy, he absolutely does not get it.

    This is my number one concern re: Garrett, it appears it will be same old, same old, at Valley Ranch unless somebody comes in there and demands control in the form of a tightly worded contract.

    If not, then it appears it will be essentially the same group making the decisions and selecting the players that lead us to this seasons disaster.

    I cannot get by the fact that Jones and company thought that this was a Superbowl team, think about that, a Superbowl team.

    Wade Phillips or not, they geared up for, and assumed, that they had done everything correctly to ensure a massive push to the big game.


    So Jerry is humbled, apologizing to the fans, things are going to be different, we are going to be diligent in trying to fix this etc..

    Meanwhile week after week after week we get to hear Jerry hold court on everything coaching in Dallas.

  5. jblaze2004

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    coach jones is at it again. will he just shut up and manage team. This is stuff we should be finding out from Garrett not jones. Jerry needs to go on vacation for a couple years and let his son Stephen Run this. Hopefully he isnt like jones aka love being in the media and spotlight.
  6. The Emperor

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    You mean the same Stephen Jones that negotiates player contracts, including such players that "Jerry" overpaid for like Marion Barber, Ken Hamlin, and the like?

    You people are so misinformed about the inner workings of the Dallas Cowboys that it's beyond frustrating to where it's actually comical and enjoyable.
  7. Juke99

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    I think Garrett is going a great job.

    That said, if he isn't able to, or doesn't have the clout to, get Jerry to shut his mouth, I'd rather see us dump Garrett and bring in an established coach who can muzzle Jerry in the same way Parcells did.

    We already know, this formula ain't gonna work.
  8. Juke99

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    Kinda comical.

    You knock people for stating their opinions as fact when none of us knows what goes on inside the organization and then make a comment about how "you people" are misinformed.

    Sounds like you're stating a fact about what goes on inside the organization as if you have a foundational knowledge that allows you to lecture people about how misinformed they are.

    and "you people" is always a favorite of mine, btw.
  9. dreghorn2

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    Yes i agree, on both counts.
  10. ThreeSportStar80

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    OMG... GM Jerry is at it again!!!


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    Why would Jerry say this crap...... :banghead:

    Let the coaching staff decide this!!!!!!
  12. Doomsay

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    I've heard it said that Jerry doesn't matter that much on a day-to-day basis. Just something that us stupid fans get riled up about.
  13. Idgit

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    But what if the new coach doesn't agree..oh, wait, I forgot, It's already been decided who's coaching the team next year.
  14. Chuck 54

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    I don't see why people are so protective of players returning punts and kicks. Devin Hester is a starting WR...he returns both punts and kicks; DeShaun Jackson is perhaps the Eagles most valuable player outside of Vick, yet he returns every punt.

    It's not that big of a deal...players get hurt in practice, in warmups, even at home...and they certainly get hurt playing their normal positions.

    Dez is the best punt returner we have, so of he should return punts.

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