News: FWST: Jerry Jones says Dez picking up nuances of receiver position

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    -- Carlos Mendez

    Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Bryant is picking up on the details of the receiver position, which is making his talent even better.

    “It’s asking a lot, really asking a lot, for someone as talented and has, if you will, dependent upon his unique skills to make plays, it’s asking a lot to come in and also be just an outstanding practitioner of being a receiver, all of the nuances of the receiver,” Jones said Friday on his weekly radio show on The Fan 105.3 FM.

    Jones praised Bryant’s attention to detail.

    “I had a guy that for years was the GM in Houston, and we were looking at a receiver that came out at the same time Michael Irvin came out, but this guy was probably five yards faster in a 40 than Michael,” Jones said. “And yet he had nothing compared to the career Michael had had. And he said I believe sometimes it’s better that a receiver doesn’t have the speed or sometimes has to really work at the finer points because they become such a practicer of the finer points. ... The whole thing is, very talented, very fast receivers don’t seem to get down to the business of the technical aspect as maybe some others do. Dez is going down that road right now.”

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