News: FWST: Jerry says Garrett influences Cowboys' offense, draft more than Wade Phillips

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jul 30, 2012.

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    -- Carlos Mendez

    There shouldn’t be much doubt any more that Jason Garrett has more power in the Cowboys organization than former head coach Wade Phillips did.

    Jerry Jones credits Garrett’s influence on the draft and his work with quarterback Tony Romo for providing stability in the offense.

    "The facts are that we have the most continuity on the offensive side of the ball that I can remember, except maybe back when we had Ernie Zampese," Jones said Sunday in Oxnard. "You’ve got to realize that Jason has been the key guy with Romo for five years. The facts are that Jason, for the last five years, has been very influential with how we drafted and how we picked up offensive football players. Very influential for five years. Because Wade was a real delegator. So he had a lot of input in where we are. I like that. That’s a big plus for us.”

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    So the assumptions that Jason wouldn't have picked Dez could be way off the mark.
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    We keep talking about the future under Red J, but what about the past 5 years he has had so much influence on?
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    Probably some of the offensive guys, but not more than that until the last 2 years.
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    The biggest problem when evaluating what Garrett has done with the offense in the past few years is he was hamstrung by an OL of vets that were falling apart and had huge contracts so they couldn't be released without a lot of dead money. Jason came in with Colombo, Kosier, Gurode, Davis and Flo as his OL. Flo went after 2009. Colombo, Gurode and Davis were let go after 2010 and finally Kosier in 2011. We actually haven't invested much there in the past few years with only Brewster drafted in the first 3 rounds from 2006-9 before Garrett came in and drafted Tyron and tried to piece together a bargain basement OL for the 2011 season with Costa, Nagy and Holland playing lots of snaps.

    Now he had a bit more money to play with and apparently Callahan picked out Livings and Mack but Mack has had two injuries in one offseason and I hope he comes back soon and wins the spot. I do suspect more investments in the OL will be coming in the next draft but this last offseason most of the resources went to fixing the defense with possibly 5 new starters in the fold. I think next year a 2nd rounder will be spent to bring in a higher ceiling talent for the interior as well as another mid-round pick. We have to start putting a higher emphasis there because it really has restricted what we can do on the offensive side of the ball.
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    Great take on things, Eskimo. Well presented opinions... yet again.
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    Jerry trusts Garrett with his team and to speak well of him. And that is a good thing.

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