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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Aug 10, 2006.

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    Add the question of "Who is going to call the Cowboys plays?" to death and taxes as the only things you can be certain of in this crazy little world.

    The question of "Who will do it?" raised its little head Wednesday, with Big Bill doing his best to duck and dodge.

    "In the game?" he asked. "I don't know how we’re going to do it. We’ll figure it out."

    It is a question again because the only guy not-named Parcells who Parcells has trusted to call a play left for New Orleans in the off-season. Sean Payton had called plays last year, with a little bit of "help" from Parcells. So, again, Parcells was asked if they needed to figure that out, since it will be a change.

    "I'm not that worried about it. I'm really not," Parcells said. "It’s not that hard."

    So is it not hard because you will be calling the plays?

    "I don’t know," Parcells said. "I'm going to do some of it."

    And this, my friends, is not necessarily a bad thing. I know there seems to be some sentiment out there that Parcells will not open up the offense, that this is not in his nature. Wrong. Wrong. And wrong again.

    Parcells wants to win and, if he believes all of his weapons are on offense, he is going to throw. Especially if Drew Bledsoe shows him that he is not going to make mistakes and is going to take care of the ball.

    So the answer is yes. Parcells will call the plays.

    But no, this is not a bad thing at all.

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    Is Parcells saying "I told you so"?

    Big Bill kiboshed any talk of a possible controversy triangle between him, T.O. and T.O.'s hamstring on Tuesday. Apparently, everybody was not listening. Especially nationally.

    On its rumor mill page, Pro Football talk had this juicy tidbit about how Cowboys coach Bill Parcells feels.

    That is rumor. What is fact is, while T.O. did not practice, his sore hammy seems to be improving.

    He was running pass routes after practice for almost 30 minutes and declared himself "better" before retreating to the locker room.

    What is crazy is, he looked really good in his post-practice pass-catching routine. So much so that Parcells seemingly strange declaration that he has not ruled out playing T.O. in Saturday's preseason opener kind of seemed logical.

    Kind of.

    My money is on no play.

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    Because a day without T.O. news is like a day without sunshine

    Poor misunderstood T.O. or, at least, that was what he was selling after Wednesday's second practice.

    Apparently, the problem is not so much his sore left hammy, which kept him out of practice for a seventh consecutive day. The problem is the media speculating about the injury. The good news is, T.O. says he is not going to succumb to the "pressure" to get back on the field.

    "When I said pressure I meant pressure, just the media speculating about whether I'm faking injuries, this or that," he said.

    When asked where he had heard or read this information, he said between the lines.

    "I'm a very smart person," T.O. said. "You guys direct your questions and have different angles. Like I said, I can read a different angle."

    Gallo, my blogging partner, I think he is on to you. Do you think it might have been the part where you called him Lucifer? But he loves you.

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  2. Alexander

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    I do think it is charming the way you can just feel Engel and Galloway reacting with faux shock and saying "Who? Me?" at this bit.

    They can laugh at Owens' assertion that he is misunderstood, but it is partially true. The man cannot even try to nurse a delicate injury without an idiotic and predatory media contingent suspecting he is trying to pull the wool over someone's eyes. Has Owens created part of this mess himself, absolutely. But the media loves him for it because it makes their jobs so much easier.

    Heaven knows what they will do when he actually does something controversial. They might as well set up a pillory in the town square.
  3. CrazyCowboy

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    Guess TO is a smart guy huh?
  4. Reality

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    It seems to me they are attempting to play both sides when it comes to TO and Parcells .. either that or they've finally heard from the fans who have tired of their endless cynical prophetizing.

  5. Colo

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    Anytime a person has to tell you they are a smart person, it becomes more obvious that they aren't.
  6. dargonking999

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    i tell people all the time im smart

    I graduated with a magnet seal, top 20% of my class with 34 credits, and a Texas scholoar, not to mention being accepted to my first chocie University. But i guess its obvious that im not smart eh?
  7. Colo

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    If you have the need to boast about your academic achievements and publicly claim your intelligence, my guess is you're not as smart as you think you are.

    Perhaps I'm not too bright though, never heard of a scholoar before.. ;)
  8. Chief

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    Pretty sad when a Cowboys beat reporter is referencing Pro Football Talk.
  9. Sportsbabe

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    I just thought about something someone posted yesterday ... Bill & TO against the media. Doesn't this sound like something Bill may have fed TO??? The more I read this "supposedly" TO exchange, the more it sounds like inside wisdom from the Tuna.
  10. dargonking999

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    its a secert word that only us "smart" people know

    And if you actaully believe that people are gonna sit back and let the things that they worked hard to earn, just go unnoticed, then you arent that bright. I am proud of what i have achieved, and have no problem letting people know my acdemic achievements. Maybe you'll understand when you get some;) :cool:
  11. JPM

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    Sort of like the NYTimes quoting The National Enquirer.
  12. Champsheart

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    That is exactly what I was thinking.
  13. InmanRoshi

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    TO is a career opportunity for Jen-Jen and the rest of the local guys. Since he draws so much national attention, she can parlay being the local "TO expert" into guest appearances on Dan Patrick's radio show or PTI, the way Dan Le Batard did with Ricky Williams or Skip Bayless has done numerous times with Cowboys/Michael Jordan/Barry Bonds.
  14. Alexander

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    Very sad that she feels somehow superior in discrediting it.

    That is like a Pulitzer winner taking a Batboy article from the Weekly World News and saying "You know, I think they are wrong. That is probably a rumor."

    Thank you for the splash of mondo reality, Ms. Engel.
  15. Chief

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    Very true, and very ironic.

    She's swimming in his wake.
  16. Colo

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  17. burmafrd

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    The NY Times is not much more reputable now then the National Enquirer.
  18. p1_

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    What's funny is the way this sheds light on a media which is so intent on grabbing low hanging fruit. Find a real story, why don't cha? Would it be so bad if the writers actually had to earn their pay? Novel idea, I know.
  19. Kittymama

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    Hate to say it, but the way the Times has declined--they're less accurate than the Enquirer these days.

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