News: FWST JFE: Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan talks the talk

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    Posted Monday, Feb. 21, 2011

    By Jennifer Floyd Engel

    Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan did not have me at "hello," although close. He had me at "I am going to do a great [bleeping] job, and you're going to see that."

    It is about [bleeping] time.

    And as a parent to an almost 2-year-old who mimics every single word she hears, including raw utterances when, say, Mommy finds herself on I-35 with 245,000 of her closest friends, I somewhat understand language criticisms. But as my cursing mentor Chris Rock infamously said, "It's like you enter another country -- sometimes you're in a cursing country and then you're in a kid's country."

    The Cowboys' defense is definitely a cursing country.

    How many times have you said, "What the what?" or, "Are you kidding me?" or, "I don't need this" when watching this team on defense? I certainly often have wanted to type that. And we have no financial stake in the 11 star-wearing underachievers that have been stinking it up on Sundays the last couple of seasons.

    So, I do not care if Rob Ryan cusses, as long has he fixes the defense. And therein lies the bigger question: Can he?

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    Pretty sure an intelligent life form has taken over Jen's body....Descent articles that make some sense----Scary ain't it
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    I pretty much agree with her, except when she calls the defense "the 11 star-wearing underachievers."

    Clearly, Ware and Ratliff aren't underachievers.

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