News: FWST: Just CHILL: Please let go of the uber talented myth regarding the Cowboys

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. WoodysGirl

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    Clarence Hill

    Safety Gerald Sensabaugh started this rant in the locker room the other day, saying there is "too much hype" surrounding a team that looks like "a bunch of clowns" on the field.
    His words not mine.

    Well, let's finish it.

    Can we let go of the myth that the Cowboys are the most talented team in the NFC?

    This talent-laden moniker has been placed on the Cowboys for a few years now. And every year when they underachieve it's supposedly in spite of their superior talent.

    Just stop it already.

    You don't need top echelon players at every position to win in this league.
    You do need to execute, be prepared, work hard and play together.

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  2. canters

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    Can't say I disagree. We seem to lack "difference makers" on the D, and our Oline is not in the top 1/2 of the league, IMO.
  3. SkinsandTerps

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    Preparation and Execution ? That's crazy, cut him. This team has enough talent to not worry about such trivial things.
  4. SilverStarCowboy

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    :hammer:Ty Mr. Clarence Hill.:clap2:
  5. Chocolate Lab

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    Been saying this forever. Are we talented? Yes. Are we so talented that we can win by focusing on anything but football, football, football? No way.
  6. burmafrd

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    We have difference makers on both O and D. Romo, Miles, Witten even Felix on O and Ware, Ratlif, and Spencer on D. We are as PHYSICALLY talented as any team in the league. BUT you need more than that and we have not been very good at THAT.
  7. Oh_Canada

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    Very talented and very dumb is never a good combination.

    You can say that about the entire organization.
  8. ccb04

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    I definitely agree that this team is overhyped as far as it's talent (and expectations). However, it's often the media that has overhyped it. The team undoubtedly needs to learn how to prepare ... execute ... and play together. No questions there.

    As far as the rest from Mr. Hill. It's Brees ... P. Manning ... and Brady when talking about elite QB's. McNabb? He's still capable of a big game but that's about it. Romo outplayed him in week 1 ... with McNabb having 0 TD's and not even completing 50% of his passes. McNabb was prehaps elite in his prime, but that time has passed. Rivers and Rodgers are a notch below the elites, IMO. Romo is top 8-10 not top 5. However, that certainly trumps what we had around here for a decade or so.

    Miles may not be Andre Johnson or Fitz ... but all the afterthought from Monmouth has done is worked his tail off and turned himself into a legit #1 WR. And I'll certainly take Miles over Knox and Hester, lol.

    As far as the running game ... they need to committ to it and allow a back to get into a flow. Barber should return to his 3rd down/closer role, with either Felix or Choice starting.

    I feel that this teams biggest problem is that they simply can't get out of their own way. Penalties ... turnovers (and lack of creating them) ... missed fg's ... lack of execution and focus ... poor coaching decisions ... etc. At this point, not sure it can be fixed on a consistent basis ... but as always, I'm hopeful.
  9. DanteEXT

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    Ok, just went and watched to the interview from the other day.

    So far nothing about clowns and hype. Maybe he said it and I missed it or it was something else.

    How many friggin' times can you ask the same guy the same thing? They kept talking about all the things that have gone wrong (int, penalties, missed tackles, etc) and kept asking why is it happening. If he knew, he'd help the team try and fix it. IMO, they need to stop fishing to get a player to throw someone under the bus which is what they are doing. And they want him to say the coach(s).
  10. Double Trouble

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    Sensabaugh really said the team looked like a "bunch of clowns"?
  11. halcyon

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    Unfortunately, I agree 100% with the article. Funny thing is, that most of us will be eating a heavy dose of crow when and if the Cowboys beat the texans and get on a streak. I know its wishful thinking, but yet....
  12. stilltheguru

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    Gerald needs to get some picks or fumbles forced before he starts making comments like that. Dallas is the most talented team in the NFC. They are also the most mentally weak of the *good* teams.
  13. superpunk

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    Not letting go of it, because I really believe it. Downplaying this team's talent level is just a cop-out excuse for reasons why they haven't taken advantage of that talent level and turned it into a championship. Yeah, we've got weak spots, like any team. I think we're weak at ILB, FS, and spots along the OL. But overall, no team can hang.
  14. ScipioCowboy

    ScipioCowboy More than meets the eye.

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    Well, that was depressing...mostly because there's considerable truth in it.
  15. brickman

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    I know this probably stupid on my part, but I truly believe that we are going to beat the Texans this week. This team rises to the occasion, and I think this is the week they do it.
  16. Boyzmamacita

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    This just in, the Cowboys are struggling. Clarence Hill went a little too far in his quest to come across as some genius know it all. The Bears receivers are better than Miles Austin? Really? He dissected every minute detail of the team with a negative slant. You can argue that Romo is or isn't a top five QB, but Hill does it in an insulting only-after-a-loss kind of way. If Hill and the rest of the mediots are such geniuses, why didn't they harp on these things before the Cowboys went 0-2? As a matter of fact, a lot of them picked the Cowboys to do quite well. Now they're in kick 'em when they're down mode. If the Cowboys turn it around, will Hill write another article dissecting almost every position on the team as inferior then? It will be the same team after all.
  17. Double Trouble

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    Things change. People change their minds. No crime in that. The way the team has played, few players are above reproach.

    Based on the final month of last year, Romo was at or near being a top 5 QB. His play so far this year hasn't been at that level. If the team as a whole plays well the next month, they'll be dropping chuck norris-like compliments on Romo again.
  18. CCBoy

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    Hasn't been near? You buy into the sudden 'loom and gloom' that is being sold you. First, your now slanted view missed that the Dallas offensive production is ONLY third in the NFL. That means that Tony Romo, even in 'troubled times' has averaged over 300 yards passing in both games. Put that next to a NFL leading receiver in Miles Austin, and something strong and positive has to strike the plate as well.

    Struggle has to go into every Championship run by any team during a season. Get ready, as circumstances will just compound as the season progresses. The schedule gets harder, not softer.

    So the weak of heart should just quit watching now...:starspin

    Yo, you go, 'Bootie Pops!'
  19. CCBoy

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    You go, Superpunk...

    you came accross as a stand up Cowboy Fan. Point made.

    If a two year player upon the Dallas Roster, can insight failure and doom while being force fed by the media and how it drags a comment out of his mouth....then roll over Randy White and Bob Lilly, you have just been proven frauds. NOT! The rest of you moaners of the moment, stick to the bedroom scene. Cowboy football is far from dead....:starspin

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