News: FWST: Kyle Orton is taking advantage of the reps he is getting in Tony Romo's absence

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    -- Charean Williams

    Kyle Orton has taken every first-team snap in OTAs and minicamp, with Tony Romo recovering after having a cyst removed from his back in April. Orton, though, knows his place.

    “I’m trying to make the most of it,” Orton said. “They won’t be there in a month come camp, so I have to fall back on these.”

    Though they would have preferred that Romo be on the field during the offseason, the Cowboys understand how valuable this offseason has been for Orton. Just in case….

    “It’s really difficult for all positions to get the number of reps they need, particularly quarterbacks,” Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said. “:Starting quarterbacks in this league want all the reps. They want to have every opportunity they can to get themselves better, so it’s hard for backups and third guys to get reps. Kyle is a pro. He’s started a lot of games in this league. He understands the importance of taking advantage of these. He’s done a really nice job.”

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