News: FWST: Lee: Film showed big difference for Cowboys defense from 1st half to 2nd half

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    -- Carlos Mendez

    The last two quarters of football looked the product of last year’s up and down defense, linebacker Sean Lee said.

    “I think last year it was,” he said Wednesday, asked if defensive inconsistency is a problem right now. “If we’re talking about the first game and a half, it wasn’t. From a defensive standpoint, we were inconsistent in the second half. That’s going to lose games.”

    “If you look from the first half to the second half, the first half, everybody was on point, everybody was doing their job every single play,”he said. “The second half, I don’t think we executed. If someone makes a mistake here, if we don’t fix something there, it led to big plays. It just shows you against a good running back, you have to be on point the entire game, and I dont think that’s something we did the second half.”

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    They lost discipline vs. Lynch and it just killed them. They became unsettled and desperate and that IMO led to the penalties that sealed their fate.

    That non-call on Tate in combination with a ticky-tack Roughness call on Carter was a 44 yard turnabout. Called correctly, I don't think Seattle scores on that drive and several minutes are added to Dallas' clock down 13.

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