News: FWST: Lee more concerned about defensive inconsistencies than big hit from Tate

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    “I’m on to the next game. I’m not worried about it,” Lee said today at Valley Ranch. “I’m more worried about how we can be better on defense, how we can improve from the mistakes we made. We didn’t play a good second half.”

    In particular, Lee expressed concern about a “lack of focus” that contributed to the Seahawks’ 27-7 victory that included a 14-0 run in the second half.

    “When I turned the film on, I didn’t see lack of effort,” Lee said. “It was, ‘We’ve got to focus on doing our job every single time.’ They hit a play, ‘Ok, let’s go. Let’s get back out there and focus on our job and do it the same way every single time.’ … We want to be a team that can go out there and win and be consistent every week. That’s the identity we’re working toward. But we didn’t do that. We didn’t execute and that’s why we lost.”

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