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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CCBoy, May 21, 2011.

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    McGee working hard

    EULESS – Stephen McGee would rather be practicing with helmets, coaches and video cameras. Instead, because of the NFL lockout, he and his Cowboys’ teammates are making do with workouts on their own.

    “Obviously for a young guy in my position or anybody that’s new that hasn’t gotten a lot of reps, all those extra reps you get in OTAs [organized team activities], that you get in minicamp, are huge learning reps,” McGee said at the Balling with the Boys Celebrity Basketball Game on Thursday night. “But you’ve got to make the most of his situation, so I’m making the most of our throwing sessions. When we get together at player-organized activities, that is key for me. I’m going to continue to get better with the circumstances that are dealt.”

    The Cowboys expressed their faith in McGee by not drafting a quarterback. With Jon Kitna turning 39 in September, Kitna is not long for the job, leaving McGee as the apparent future backup to Tony Romo...

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    IIRC, McGee was rumored to be a football junkie. He eats, sleeps, and drinks football. No surprise that he is working hard.

    He knows what is at stake and how much money he can make if he plays his cards well and gets a break.

    Romo wasn't NFL-ready his first two years in the league. He sat, learned, worked hard and was prepared when opportunity presented itself.
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    JAG :laugh2:
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    I actually like what I've seen from McGee so far. While he's not worth bending over backwards to keep and is still a candidate for roster churning, I think the kid can be a decent player in the right circumstances. The players seemed to respect him when he played last year, too.
  5. jobberone

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    I agree McGe is worth the effort to continue to groom.
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    When Dallas brought in McGee it was with the intent of developing him. Based on what I have seen MeGee has shown improvement from year 1 to year 2 and is continuing to work hard entering year 3. If he can continue to show improvement then he is worth keeping even if it is in a backup role
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    I haven't seen anything in MeGee to make me think he could be a franchise QB...I also haven't seen anything out of him to believe he couldn't be a backup who can start a few games in this league. My question with him is if he can be a quality (10 game starter) backup at this point.
  8. Doomsday101

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    That is the question he needs to answer. Many scouts felt he had the physical tools to become a good QB only time will tell if he can put it all together
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    I agree. McGee didn't exactly have the type of coaching support in college to maximize his talents and this lockout certainly won't further his cause. He may or may not amount to something more than a backup during his career but as you said, only time will tell.
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    I don't dislike McGee (I'm not going to get bent outta shape over a 4th round investment), but I think you get diminishing returns the more you ask of him at this point (asking him to start for a prolonged period of time...).

    I don't think the Cowboys are looking at him as its longterm franchise QB prospect.
  11. Nightshade

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    I dunno. He's got good size, he managed the huddle very well when he was in there, so he could be an excellent leader. He's got a strong arm and good pocket presence. The big problem was his accuracy was just bloody aweful. If there's any way he can improve in that area we could have something.

    Maybe Wade Wilson and Garrett have the answers to his accuracy problems.
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    McGee is actually growing on me.

    He looked pretty rancid last training camp and then came in and played admirably when called upon.

    I think he's earned a spot based on his growth but he's still got a long, long way to go.

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