News: FWST: Newman's ties Lee Roy Jordan for Cowboys interception record

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Nov 13, 2011.

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    -- Carlos Mendez

    Terence Newman’s two interceptions gave him six for the season, continuing an outstanding comeback season for the veteran Cowboys cornerback.

    “He’s certainly playing well,” Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said. “He made a number of plays on the ball. It seems like he’s very comfortable playing in the defense, and it seems like when he has the opportunity to make plays, he’s making them.”

    His 32 interceptions tie him with Lee Roy Jordan for seventh in team history.

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  2. 28 Joker

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    Every single person (including some idiots at Valley Ranch) who tried to run Newman out of town on a rail can pick up your crow at the Bank of Newman!

    33 Years Old

    9th Year

    Playing at a Pro Bowl level...
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    One of my favorite Cowboys
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    Gotta admit.. i was skeptical, but he finally looks healthy for the first time in awhile and i guess its no coincidence that he looks like the Newman of old.

    Pass me the crow.. keep playing well T New!
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    Newman is who he is. He is going through a very nice stretch now, but he has had and will again have his moments where he is not playing so well. Fans need to quit judging people's careers and abilities based on week to week performances, but rather on the totality of their play. Newman is a good but not an outstanding CB who for the moment is having some outstanding results.
  8. BraveHeartFan

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    I have always and will always love Newman. I am surprised he's playing this good at his age but I'm definately glad he is. I love Newman.

    Good for him.
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    Groin pull against Washington forthcoming.
  10. tomson75

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    History against the Foreskins would suggest otherwise.

    I'd say the odds of GrossBeck throwing more touchdowns to Newman than his own receivers is a more likely outcome.

  11. Chocolate Lab

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    In other words... I'm irritated at him getting all this praise.
  12. Stautner

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    Those certainly are "other words", but if you want to use them you need to speak for yourself.
  13. Joe Realist

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  14. jimnabby

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    I tend to agree, but it's not the mystery you make it sound like. When Newman is healthy, he's excellent. Unfortunately, he's not healthy all that often. I'm enjoying it while it lasts, but I know there's a good chance he'll get hurt sometime between now and the end of the season.
  15. burmafrd

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    Older players tend to get injured more; TNew only had one injury his first 5 years- the meniscus problem his second year- even there by the end of the season he was back to form.

    He was cheated out of at least 2 pro bowl teams; but that is the way it is now. Popularity contest and that is it.

    When healthy he is still a top tier CB. Just like any other CB- none of them are very good when they are injured.
  16. ThreeSportStar80

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    Hmm Troll?
  17. Stautner

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    I didn't intend it to sound like a mystery, I intended it to sound like the way things work. Fans tend to want to view players as all good or all bad, but that's not reality. The fact is all players have good moments and bad, good games and bad, and good stretches and bad. What determines a good player from a bad one isn't each individual moment, game or stretch, it's how it all stacks up over time. In my mind with Newman it stacks up as a good CB - not an outstanding one and far from a bad one. He does a good overall job, and he is worth his starting role on the team.

    As for the injuries, I think people tend to overemphasize those at times when discussing a player they like. Sure Newman has had true injuries, and other times has had his bumps and bruises and pains that he has had to play through, but that's a pretty common story in the NFL. Newman hasn't gone through a unique injury history that has hobbled him in a way others don't have to deal with. As long as he is deemed worthy of playing, and particularly if he is listed on the injury report as no worse than "probable" (or not listed at all), then he is playing with aches and pains like any number of players do every week. Most players are deemed worthy of playing even when listed as questionable.
  18. RoyTheHammer

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    This is all true, and there shouldn't be excuses for why he's not playing well if he's in the lineup, but it seems like its almost just a mental thing with him. When he has been completely healthy, it seems to show in how much confidence he plays with. I agree, he's a pretty good CB and is in the middle of a great stretch of play right now. I just hope he stays healthy and we don't see the other side of him that we saw last season.
  19. Stautner

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    You may be right that his level of health may dictate his confidence level, and of course that is natural to a point. Nevertheless, a player is not going to live up to his potential if his mental state is too fragile. He may at times have to make some adjustments in how he plays based on his health, just as a lot of NFL players do each week, but mentally he has to be able to come out with the same determination every game.

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