News: FWST: NFL lockout chugs along, but Cowboys' Jerry Jones isn't worried

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    NFL lockout chugs along, but Cowboys' Jerry Jones isn't worried

    By Clarence E. Hill Jr.

    GRAPEVINE -- Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones believes in his heart the NFL will have a season and said the regular-season train is coming.

    He just doesn't know when, and he is preparing for all possibilities that come with an extended lockout, including a shortened training camp and a possible shortened season.

    "You play this on a week-by-week, month-by-month, day-by-day basis," Jones said during the team's annual golf tournament for sponsors at the Cowboys Golf Club on Wednesday. "There is no point in having deadlines because you have to think what happens if you don't make the deadline. But you get up the next morning and go forward. We are going to have football. We are going to have a great league. We are going to have a great group of players. That is going to happen. This train is going to get there. I just want to be on it."

    Jones declined to promise that the train was going to get here in time for the start of training camp or the start of the regular season.

    Any hopes of having a true off-season program and regular organized team activities are over. With nothing being decided in court until June, the same can probably be said of any possible minicamps.

    "The train will get there," Jones said. "That is the attitude everybody should have."

    The impact of the lockout is already taking its toll on fans and employees for the league and other teams. The league and several teams have already instituted layoffs and pay reductions due to the labor impasse.

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    No ****, Sherlock.

    What kind of BS attitude is this? How about saying a day late and a dollar short.

    Jerry needs a shock collar........

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