News: FWST: Pearson 'soaked in the words' when Jerry Jones gave him Ring of Honor news

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    -- Carlos Mendez

    Drew Pearson said he stood and soaked in the words when Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told him he was going in the Ring of Honor.​

    Pearson tells the story:
    "I just stood there for a minute and soaked in the words. I promised him I didn’t have my recorder going," he said, smiling before turning serious again. "I just relished the moment and then responded to him with a 'Thank you.' I didn’t cry or anything. But I actually shed a few tears before I got here, thinking about my career on the way over here, how it all came about, the car accident that ended it, about how a lot of our history is gone. Our stadium is gone. Our head coach is gone. Our owner is gone. Our president is gone. Teammates are gone."

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    I'm so happy for him.
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    Drew was a class act. :bow:
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    Was and still is!!

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