News: FWST: Phillips says fundamentally unsound Cowboys going back to basics

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    Phillips says fundamentally unsound Cowboys going back to basics
    Posted Monday, Nov. 01, 2010g

    By Charean Williams

    IRVING -- Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has never changed coaches during a season. He repeatedly has reminded reporters of that while watching his team's once-promising season circle the drain, building speculation about coach Wade Phillips' job security.

    Phillips said Monday he isn't worried about losing Jones. He's worried about losing more games.

    "I feel bad for [Jones], because I think we should have been doing better," said Phillips, whose contract runs through 2011. "The guy does everything I think is possible to try to win and have a winner. He's an excellent general manager. He's gotten us good players. I think the drafts have been good. We've probably got the best rookie in the league this year out of the draft [in Dez Bryant] with a team that won a playoff game last year. That's just the way it is."

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    O Boy half way thru the season and now we are going back to basics. :banghead: :bang2:
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    Now we have an excuse for losing the GB game..."we didn't game plan/we were vanilla" because we focused, instead, on fundamentals.
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    :lmao: I was thinking the same thing.

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    That's actually a good thing for a talented team of underachievers. And the players should feel embaressed that this is necessary for them. It's like having to go to summer school for failing a class, or being held back a grade in school alltogether. But you know what? If you don't do the work then that's your consequence. It's up to the players now to accept the coaching and get better. The ones that don't will clearly prove they have no work ethic and those will the ones to not deserve to hold an NFL player's job ever again. That's how you find out who you keep and not keep for next season. So this really IS a good thing.
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    The truest basic would be to open up each position each week and award the starting position to the player who best performs during practice. Then, on game day, you drop a ball or screw up, you are replaced to see how #2 on the weekly depth chart will do. This should force the cream to rise to the top and give consequences to those who are underperforming.
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    Training camp mode?:lmao2:

    Isn't camp cupcake part of the problem?

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