News: FWST: Repeated mediocre seasons can't dampen the fervor of Dallas Cowboys' fans

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Nov 4, 2012.

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    Posted Saturday, Nov. 03, 2012

    By Tim Madigan

    ARLINGTON -- Daniel Desroches, a business executive from Toronto, has been a rabid fan of the Dallas Cowboys since the 1970s, when he received a helmet autographed by Randy White, Ed "Too Tall" Jones, and other stars of that vintage. He occasionally traveled south to attend games at the old stadium in Irving, but last Sunday was his first trip to the new palace, where his adopted team confronted the defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants.

    He was stunned by the gaudy, futuristic grandeur of Cowboys Stadium, the $1.2 billion shrine to America's most bankable team. He was fascinated by the larger-than-life, hi-def television screen atop the field.

    He was mesmerized by the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders on that hi-def screen.

    As kickoff approached, the enthusiasm of nearly 95,000 fans built to a frenzy as Welcome to the Jungle blared from the sound system.

    The hair stood on Desroches' arms. He came close to religious rapture.

    "I was losing my mind," he conceded later.

    Then ...


    Interception. Interception. Interception. Fumble. Fumble.

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    What do you expect Tim? Were you hoping you'd get a fan to buy in to the crap that I just read? True die hard fans don't just jump ship. Many still, and will always have a love affair with the Dallas Cowboys!
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    I hope people on this board going back and forth about positive and negative fans read this article. It pretty much sums it all up, positive or negative we are all fans and no matter what we'll be fans. That doesn't mean we can't be tired of the mediocrity and tired of watching an owner destroy an icon and it doesn't mean we can't watch what other consider the greatest owner and GM in football (excuse me i just threw up in my mouth) and the greatest franchise in sport history lose every year. Our fans are rich, middle class, poor, black, white, brown, and yellow. The young ones don't know why the old ones are angry and the old ones don't know why the young ones are happy but we are all fans and yes at this stage I'm one of the negative ones that can't get happy about beating the Rams, THEY ARE THE RAAAAAAMS!!! were supposed to win that game and if anyone listened to espn radio the other day Stank summed it up perfectly, the Cowboys will win this game against the Falcons and give us all hope right before losing another three games in a row. I believe him... but I'm still a fan!
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    The author must read this board................

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