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News: FWST: Robinson takes blame for interception

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. WoodysGirl

    WoodysGirl U.N.I.T.Y Staff Member

    72,590 Messages
    16,733 Likes Received
    — Lori Dann

    Tony Romo wasn’t the only Cowboy who had to overcome a shaky start Thursday.

    Laurent Robinson said Romo’s second interception actually wasn’t the quarterback’s fault. Although it appeared that Romo underthrew Robinson on the sideline route, the receiver took full responsibility.

    “I was supposed to stop right there, but I was reading something on the run, and I thought I was supposed to go deep,” Robinson said. “I made a bad play. I’ve got to watch the film to see what happened and do better than that.”

    It didn’t stop Romo from looking his way. Robinson was targeted 12 times, twice as much as any Cowboys receiver, and he responded by catching seven passes for 79 yards with two touchdowns.
  2. gimmesix

    gimmesix Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life

    13,521 Messages
    3,620 Likes Received
    Love that Robinson admits his mistakes. I wish that all our receivers would say, "That's on me," when an interception results from a misread or bad route.

    I think this is the second time Robinson has done that this season.
  3. Hostile

    Hostile The Duke

    119,460 Messages
    3,891 Likes Received
    No worries Laurent, someone will claim it was a bad play call and you are exonerated.
  4. Biggems

    Biggems White and Nerdy

    12,915 Messages
    683 Likes Received
    even if it wasnt really his fault, i like how he didnt throw Tony under the bus. I like how he took full responsibility for the play, as Tony most likely did.
  5. Future

    Future Intramural Legend

    17,684 Messages
    2,780 Likes Received
    I guess he was supposed to stop, but he was open deep. I don't know what read or what play would be designed to not blow past your guy with no safety over top :laugh2:

    A well thrown ball on the route he did run might have gone to the house.
  6. Arch Stanton

    Arch Stanton it was the grave marked unknown right beside

    6,475 Messages
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  7. ThreeSportStar80

    ThreeSportStar80 Benched

    27,093 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    Romo to Robinson has been a blessing... You can tell Romo really like him. I think Jerry Jones will be paying this 26 year-old WR very soon.
  8. JBell523

    JBell523 That's my Quarterback

    3,993 Messages
    1,796 Likes Received
    Go re-watch the play.

    There was a safety over the top.
  9. Oh_Canada

    Oh_Canada Well-Known Member

    7,778 Messages
    1,678 Likes Received
    Robinson should be commended for this loyalty, but frankly I think he was fibbing. As Future mentioned, why would that play be designed to stop when his man was beat and the safety seemed late coming over?
  10. Dave_in-NC

    Dave_in-NC Well-Known Member

    16,948 Messages
    4,908 Likes Received
    Why would he lie? Romo has always lived up to his mistakes. Now Robinson lives up to his. That's good stuff.
  11. Hostile

    Hostile The Duke

    119,460 Messages
    3,891 Likes Received
    All of our players do nothing but lie if you believe the posters here.
  12. HoosierCowboy

    HoosierCowboy Put Pearson in the HOF

    2,214 Messages
    170 Likes Received
    but the ball is thrown before the read--
  13. Sitting Bull

    Sitting Bull Active Member

    1,432 Messages
    1 Likes Received
    Pure class to own up to a bad read. I'll bet Romo won't forget it. I love this player. He's the "anti-Roy."
  14. Dave_in-NC

    Dave_in-NC Well-Known Member

    16,948 Messages
    4,908 Likes Received
    Good way to describe him for sure.
  15. Flinger

    Flinger Active Member

    852 Messages
    177 Likes Received
    Are you kidding me? Do you know anything about playing football? Timing? How is Tony Romo supposed to read a route properly based on coverage, release the ball to a spot and then... pull it back in mid air because the receiver mis-read the coverage and decided to take off? Exactly how does a QB do that?

    Good grief people. Good grief.

    Tony Romo is NOT the problem with the Dallas Cowboy's. He is actually incredibe.
  16. landryscorner

    landryscorner Active Member

    1,456 Messages
    8 Likes Received
    Guy mans up and shows some integrity gotta love that a true
    Cowboy! :bow:
  17. Future

    Future Intramural Legend

    17,684 Messages
    2,780 Likes Received
    Chill. I'm not blaming Tony. I know it was Robinson's mistake...I'm just saying if he was right it might have been a big play.
  18. Flinger

    Flinger Active Member

    852 Messages
    177 Likes Received
    Hey, Future. Re-read my post - didn't mean to offend by suggesting you don't know anything about playing football. Poor choice of words, combined with a quick trigger.

    You're right, if Tony had the time to recognize Robinson taking it to the house - it would have probably gone yard...
  19. Cowboys&LakersFan

    Cowboys&LakersFan Benched

    14,198 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    As he should. He didn't even fight for it alot similar to one against Detroit.
  20. ChldsPlay

    ChldsPlay Well-Known Member

    8,856 Messages
    2,026 Likes Received
    I agree with what you said before. It's certainly not the first time the receiver made the "wrong" read on a route resulting in an interception where the "wrong" read looked to be much better than the "right" read. It makes me question how they are being taught to read, and what their reactions to those reads are sometimes.

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