News: FWST: Romo gets specific about what he liked from his young receivers vs. Rams

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    -- Carlos Mendez

    Tony Romo hands out generic praise easily. Stuff like, he’s doing a good job, they’re working hard, we’re making progress.

    But the Cowboys quarterback was more specific Saturday night after the preseason game against the St. Louis Rams when he talked about what he liked from the young receivers who are playing for the Cowboys in place of Miles Austin and Dez Bryant.

    “I just think some of the young guys stepped up and made some plays tonight,” he said. “I think we needed that. We need to have some depth at that position. Obviously, without Dez and Miles, you’re never going to get everything the exact way you want. When they come back, that’s going to be an incredible boost for us.

    “It’s good to know we have some depth and the guys can do some things.”

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