News: FWST: Rookie G Ronald Leary says he has 'a lot of stuff to work on'

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    -- Carlos Mendez

    Rookie guard Ronald Leary is glad to be practicing.

    But he’s not happy about where he is so far.

    “I still have a lot of stuff to work on,” he said Friday after the last of the pre-camp practices this week at Valley Ranch. “My pass blocking, just technique-wise. I just need to pull it all together.”

    Leary is the most prized of the Cowboys’ undrafted free agent signings. The former Memphis guard went undrafted in part because of concerns about a degenerative condition in his knee that could cut his career short.

    He said he feels 100 percent and had a good week of practice. He just wasn’t satisfied.

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    Well, yeah, it'll take some time. Probably into the beginning of next year. Any missed time hurts.
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    most rookies take time to get better......

    Just keep on working hard....
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    I hope this guy can have a good career....
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    It takes what? 5,000 repetitions to supplant a bad technique has to start at some point to replace bad with good.

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