News: FWST: Ryan says he has talent to be a head coach but not focused on it

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    -- Charean Williams

    Jack Del Rio barely had been fired in Jacksonville before Rob Ryan's name was being brought up as a possible replacement. The Jaguars' opening is expected to be the first of many head coaching positions that will be open this off-season, and Ryan is one of the hottest names out there.

    "My mind’s definitely focused on the task at hand," Ryan said. "That’s the only thing we’re here to do is to try to win championships. That’s what we’re going to do. About the speculation, I mean, shoot, I’ve speculated my whole life. It’s no big deal. Those opportunities come when you work hard and take care of the job you have. That’s what I am trying to do and our players are doing a good job, and we’re really coming on."

    "It never used to be a big deal for me," Rob said of becoming a head coach. "But watching my twin brother have all the success he’s had and two championship [games] in two years, that’s exciting. That’s probably piqued my interest more. Do I think I have the talent enough to do that job? Absolutely."

    Rob said he doesn't need a sales pitch.

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