News: FWST: Sean Lee puts it on himself to learn the 4-3 'inside and out' and be succesful

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    -- Carlos Mendez

    Sean Lee said he still has to learn the details of playing the 4-3 defense, now that the Cowboys are set to go with that attack under new defensive coordinator in Monte Kiffin.

    “Mastering it inside and out is my goal,” the fourth-year Cowboys linebacker said last week at the end of OTAs.

    So he, and the rest of the defense, has to forget a lot of the 3-4 defense (and its variations) they played for two years under Rob Ryan.“I see it as a positive,” he said. “I’ve been with three defensive coordinators in Coach Phillips, Rob Ryan and Coach Kiffin. I see it as an opportunity to learn more defense. You take the great things you learn from every coordinator with you, and then you try to continue to learn. I’m going to try to continue to learn with Coach Kiffin. I don’t see it as an issue at all. I think Coach Kiffin, it’s been very easy to learn. He coaches with passion. He has an unbelievable knowledge. So for me, it’s just another opportunity to work with a great coach.”

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    I personally think this 4-3 defense will help Lee out, it should keep him clean and allow him to make even more plays.
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    The more I hear about Lee the more I like him... If only we had more players like him on both sides of the ball...
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    Same could be said for Carter. Those two might really wreak havoc this season.
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