News: FWST: Smith says injured ankle "still feels stiff," expects availability vs. Redskins

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Nov 19, 2012.

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    _ Jimmy Burch

    Smith said his ankle “still feels stiff” after sustaining a high ankle sprain against the Browns and that his primary concern is to “not hurt myself any more.” A team source indicated Smith is not expected to play against the Redskins but Smith said Monday that he anticipates his availability being a game-time decision.

    “It’s basically how you deal with the soreness in your ankle. How much can your body take of it?,” Smith said. “It’s taking a while for it to heal up right now. I need to be smart … and not hurt myself any more.

    “Depending on how this week goes, (it’s) basically a game-day decision. And I’ll try my best to get back healthy.”

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    The Cowboys can beat the Redskins without him...
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    I know the Cowboys are thinking this....and they are playing with fire. I think you will see a lot of guys back for the Philly game. I really wish Murray would play Thursday....if it were the playoffs he would...but IS the playoffs for us....and we are trying to see if we can win sitting guys who are close. Smith is not close...Murray is.

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