News: FWST: Status of Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray remains up in the air (Notes)

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Oct 23, 2012.

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    Posted Monday, Oct. 22, 2012
    By Carlos Mendez

    IRVING -- For the second time in his career, DeMarco Murray might have to miss a chance to play against the New York Giants.

    Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett couldn't say whether Murray would practice this week, even in a limited basis, as he enters his second week sidelined with a sprained foot.

    Murray has played only one full game against the Giants, but he has rushed 25 times for 156 yards against them. He had 131 yards in the Cowboys' season-opening win in New York in September. He suffered a broken ankle in a December home game last year against the Giants and had to miss the season finale in New York for the NFC East championship.

    "We're certainly optimistic," Garrett said. "He's proven to be someone who heals quickly."

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    Sure would be nice to be in good health for this tough section of the schedule. Having Sean Lee in the lineup and Costa (I know, cut him) and Murray back for the running game would probably make a difference these next three weeks. Here's hoping we get at least two of those three guys back by game time.
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    I sure hope he can get back on the field this week!
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    I agree. Clearly not going to be 100% but few players are 100% during the season. If they can go and I'm sure these guys will do that they can to try and make that happen.
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    Think all three will be out for a few more weeks. If Lee has a turf toe injury, he will miss a couple of weeks at least. Murry would be our best bet to return, but who knows how bad his ankle is, and Costa will be out for quite a while I think. :(

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