News: FWST: Tight end Szczerba calls today's fight against Chargers "my mistake"

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Aug 21, 2012.

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    _ Jimmy Burch

    In a combined practice marked by chippiness and big hits _ most of them levied by members of the San Diego Chargers’ defense _ Cowboys tight end Andrew Szczerba squared off with Chargers linebacker Melvin Ingram before coaches and players intervened to separate the two.

    Szczerba had been blocking Ingram and Ingram thought he was being held, which triggered the altercation. Both players’ helmets came off in the fray, and the players wrestled one another to the ground before others got involved. Szczerba described it as a “heat of the moment” situation that he cannot repeat in a real game.

    “That was my mistake. In a real game, that would have hurt my team,” Szczerba said. “So I won’t do that again.”

    Coach Jason Garrett dismissed the incident, as well as a subsequent goal-line hit by Chargers’ cornerback Quentin Jammer that knocked the helmet off Cowboys’ receiver Dwayne Harris, as a byproduct of a spirited practice between teams that have seen enough of one another after Saturday’s game and two combined practices.

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    It seemed like Charges treated it as a game and the Boys as just a regular practice. Hopefully they have some players that will get after the other team though.
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    I'm betting the Chargers DC got on to them after Mondays practice about playing with a chip on their shoulders. Something Jimmy would have sparked.
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    At one point Broaddus described the Chargers' conduct as BS.
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    Honestly I'm glad someone stood up to them. From what I read they were knocking us on our backside and cheap shotting us all day.

    I don't ever want to see Brandon Jacobs (or anyone else for that matter) do this again:
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    Here's the Chargers Version of events. Interesting how the same event sounds so different coming from their reporters.

    Full Story

    As football-practice scuffles often do, this one started with a shove. Chargers outside linebacker Melvin Ingram did so trying to create space between him and Dallas Cowboys tight end Andrew Szczerba.

    Ingram's push was returned with a bit more force. And, after a brief struggle for leverage, his helmet came flying off.

    That's when temperatures reached a boiling point. As the scrum grew dense midway through Tuesday's intersquad practice at Chargers Park, Szczerba picked up Ingram's helmet and swung it at him, narrowly missing his face, several players involved in the fracas confirmed.

    The Chargers' defense, which was facing the Dallas offense for the second straight day after the Chargers had beaten the Cowboys in an exhibition game on Saturday, had seen enough. After Ingram was removed from harm's way, the units exchanged words, pushes and shoves while the Chargers' offense and Cowboys' defense practiced on an adjacent field.

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