News: FWST: Tony Romo: I feel as though I let our team down

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jan 3, 2013.

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    He's an 8-8 QB for an 8-8 team. He'll play awful in a few games and then he'll play brilliantly before he has one of his bonehead games. I feel sorry for Tony because I think he does feel bad but this is all in his head now. I don't think he'll ever really step up in a big game.
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    Post of the day! Finally someone gets it!
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    The team goes as Romo goes. He was bad the first half of the season. He was bad in the Redskins game. The team didn't throw those picks. There is no need to act like Romo shouldn't share in the blame.
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    there is no denying romo had a bad game but Mr Brady, did not play a good game in the loss against the giants in the super bowl, does that make him a choker? no. its funny how constant pressure can make great QB's look bad. thats what they mean by looking at the big picture...
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    You are looking at ONE game! I am looking at a season or a career. No QB can be successful under the conditions we have in Dallas right now.

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    It's because most of that was on the O-Line really. The Line was better by far the last few games. Tony had 3 bad games out of 16 imo, it just sucks his last one ended the way it did.

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    Not true, Tony still takes the Heat for the Minn. playoff game and he was not the reason we lost that game by far..just sayin he's always to blame when they lose a "must win" game.
  8. CowboysYanksLakers

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    I can no longer ride with Romo... He's not the QB to lead this team to a Superbowl title.
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    Then please jump on another team's wagon. You won't be missed.
  10. TheCount

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    Why would Romo take the heat for that game? I haven't seen that at all. He got blitzed to oblivion, just like this year - even if he did almost single handedly lose the game this year.

    He did take a lot of heat for the Giants loss, another game where the blocking was pathetic, because of the pick at the end of the game. That one is completely unfair since he had to throw it.
  11. cowboyeric8

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    Now you are just making excuses. (That's what we would hear from someone ignorant if we tried to defend him).

    The final pick in the Redskin game was costly and bad but to blame Romo for this season or to state Romo being the problem is just ignorant. (Not speaking of you Count, just anyone who keeps jumping on and off the wagon).
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    Didn't he crack a rib early in the game?
  13. ConstantReboot

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    Yes Romo is responsible for those INTs. But he was under pressure to perform. Romo needs a coach that can calm him down and to be able to keep him focused on the play at hand. Garrett doesn't do that. He doesn't have a relationship with Romo to calm him down and to make him comfortable.

    Roger Staubach had some of those issues too. But Landry would call a time out and set things straight. They would strategies over plays that Roger would feel comfortable with and get him back into focus. It worked. However, Garrett just doesn't do anything what a headcoach is supposed to do. He doesn't provide the support and guidance that a coach gives to his QB. If only Romo had that kind of support or someone that can calm him down during big games. That is the fault of Garrett. That is why I think Romo deserves better. He seems to do everything for this team, including Garrett.

    Thats why ultimately you have to look at the coach and say what have you done to help your QB? I don't think Garrett knows what to do. Thus its time to give up playcalling. Its time to have an OC here that can work with Romo. He needs a better coach than just Garrett. Garrett is not cutting it.
  14. RoyTheHammer

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    You realize our team is named the "Dallas Cowboys" and not the "Tony Romos" right?

    I feel like alot of people around here forget that..
  15. Idgit

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    You're not really riding with him, anyway. You're just watching him play a game on Sundays.

    This team's got issues other than QB keeping it from winning Superbowls.
  16. Fletch

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    And yet you fail miserably to mention any key injuries while trying to jog our memories. Selective much? Nah, just agenda-driven. :rolleyes:

    You may continue your realist views. I'll remain hopeful and enjoy the ride. Now go bag on me and make jokes like you guys usually do to us fans.
  17. DFWJC

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    He's plenty good if he has the team around him to pull it off.
    He's not Brady or Rodgers, but he certainly is good enough.

    All a team can ever ask is to be in the running, to be a contender. The you'll need some luck to actually pull it off most the time. Look at the last several winners and you'll see that was the case. We are not there obviously.

    The SB teams had:
    --very good or at least opportunistic defenses,
    --good offenses (that includes the lines and run games usually)
    --at the very least good QBs (sometimes great),
    --good coaching,
    --and a little luck

    We are lacking in several of those areas and the quality of our QB may be the least of our worries.
  18. Fletch

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    If QB's like Dilfer and Brad Johnson sufficed, Romo is definitely good enough. Difference is those QB's had major help.
  19. DWhite Fan

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    Damn shame Romo missed that field goal against Baltimore, ain't it :rolleyes:

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