News: FWST: Uh, oh: Garrett no longer trusts his quarterback

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Oct 17, 2011.

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    By Clarence E. Hill Jr.


    FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- The Dallas Cowboys went to New England on Sunday looking to make a statement.

    This was not the time to make good on quarterback Tony Romo's hollow Super Bowl promise of earlier in the week.

    But this was their opportunity to show they were ready to show progress and maybe take a baby step in that direction against Tom Brady and the big, bad Patriots.

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    I like Garrett but I will agree Dallas was too conservative late in the 4th qrt. With a little over 2 min to go we run the ball 3 times and lose yards? All we need to do is move the chains and given the lack running game Dallas needed to throw the ball. We choose not to and I think it cost us
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    You're right. It cost us big time. A play action pass in that situation would have probably been a big gainer. And would it kill Garrett to call at least one lob pass to Dez in the endzone on 1st and goal against a 5'9" defensive back???
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    I dont blame him. He didnt get into Princeton for nothing.
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    I'm not upset with the 3 run calls necassarily at the end cause I do want to see us running the ball, and we've got to run it more effectively for sure.

    I do question (and maybe this is what is being refered to here and I'm off on my above statement, and if so I'm sorry) why we seem to forget to ever even attempt a jump ball to Dez inside the 10. I just don't get why we don't do that.
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    I'm glad Jerry said something. Garrett did us no favors. As I said in another thread every game presents you with situational decisions regarding time, place and opponent. When you have a massive lead at home you pound it and play D. When you are playing a HOF QB and a prolific offense on the road and you have a shot to win you get aggressive. You don't bury your head. Garrett has big time issues seeing these things.
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    I think that's going to come with experience though. We've got to remember, myself included cause I get mind boggled by some of this myself, that Garrett is still learning at the HC level. He's not been doing this long, and it's easy to point and say what he should have done when we're watching from home, but the guy is still learning at the HC position.

    I believe he's going to work these kinds of things out and learn and grow from them.
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    Can I just say, for the record again, in case anyone is unclear about my take on the local Dallas media, how much I loathe them?

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    I'm not.

    He can share his opinions of the playcalling with Garrett without stating them for the whole world and team to read.

    This is the second week in a row where the owner/gm has publicly criticized the head coach/oc.

    All he has to do there is give some meaningless coachspeak type answer about how he supports his coach blah blah blah. Nobody really needs to know his opinions.

    And people say Jerry doesn't undermine his coaches. Right. And Rosie O'Donnell is thin. I'll grant you that he didn't undermine Parcells, but Bill would have had Jerry for lunch if he played backseat driver under his watch.
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    Garrett is a relative rookies as far as coaching goes, he has a habit of over reacting to past failures the following game.

    Wasn't it last year where the run disparity was questioned yet again, the next game he ran it like 15 straight times to start the game off.

    I know to some he's the wunderkind, but he has a whole lot to learn about coaching football at any level. He's a natural leader so that has hastened his accession beyond his actual talents as a coach.
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    I see one or two years max for Tony in Dallas. I understand Garrett not trusting him anymore. Romo has brought that upon himself. However, I rather Romo go out aggressive than tied by his balls. Kitna can manage.
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    Garrett may still trust Romo, but didn't trust three rookies on the o-line.
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    If any one of us was a HC and Romo was your would be hesitant also...unless you just had a gluten for punishment.
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    I think Dallas will draft a QB in the 1st round in 2012...
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    I guarantee you if it was Rob Ryan calling that drive, he would go for the kill, as would any smart coach.

    You don't give the ball back to brady in that situation, even if you have the 85 bears defense. Bottom line, if there is not a fluke play, he is going to get the job done. His precision on that final drive was amazing.

    I understand why garrett would want to be conservative, but you can't give the ball back to brady. I bet if he asked Rob before that drive if he thought they should go for the win or play conservative, Rob would have said go for the win.
  16. Idgit

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    You can't be cereal?
  17. Idgit

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    You mean, he'd be aggressive? Like the way RR blitzed Brady like crazy on our last defensive series?
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    Clarence Hill often makes me think of Robert Browning. He said, "ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for?"

    I don't know how much Hill actually grasps, but I know how much he is reaching here.
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    This! And to me, with the defense playing SO stout, best punter in the league, I had no issues with forcing them to use their timeouts and try and get them pinned back. I figured they would probably drive down for a tying FG, but then again it is Tom Brady.

    Personally, I think running the ball is the way to go. But what would I know, I am just an armchair QB (kinda like the rest of us)!

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