News: FWST: Vikings look a lot like Cowboys

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    Posted Wednesday, Oct. 13, 2010

    By Jan Hubbard

    They had a successful playoff run last year and were a popular pick to at least make it to the Super Bowl this season. They have a prolific quarterback, outstanding receivers and an excellent defense.

    They are also 1-3 and in danger of failing miserably in 2010.

    They are the Minnesota Vikings, whose current predicament is a mirror image of the Dallas Cowboys’.

    The two teams meet Sunday in Minneapolis and, like the last time they met, each is in a must-win situation.

    Practically speaking, however, the loser Sunday will be watching the playoffs from their respective couches. Eleven NFC teams are better than 1-3, and a fourth loss would mean that team would need a minimum record of 8-3 the rest of the way to reach the playoffs. And maybe even 9-2.

    Unlike the Cowboys, who have battered themselves with their own mistakes, the Vikings have sputtered on offense.

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