News: FWST: What Wade Said ... What Wade Could Have Said

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    What Wade Said ... What Wade Could Have Said
    Posted Monday, Nov. 01, 2010

    By David Thomas

    What Dallas Cowboys coach Wade Phillips said after the Cowboys' 35-17 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars, plus what he could have said:

    Opening remark:

    What Wade said: "Well, I'm distraught, to say the least."

    What Wade could have said: "I'm also in hot water, to say the least."

    On the first start by quarterback Jon Kitna, who was intercepted four times:

    What Wade said: "I thought Kitna played hard. He had, what, three passes that were tipped by our guys and went to their guys, which seems to be the case with us this year."

    What Wade could have said: "It's gotten so bad with our receivers missing passes that other teams are asking if they can borrow our receivers to run their tip drills."

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    Do you think maybe that Wade Phillips does whatever Jerry Jones wants...I mean maybe thats why Jerry Jones feels like he cant get rid of him. Maybe he feels like he might lose a little bit of control with the team if he loses Phillips.

    Anyways, its obvious to me at this point that I severly overrated how much talent the Cowboys had this season. With Kitna at the helm, I dont see things getting any better.
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    Watching Wade's head coaching career is like watching frogs being boiled. They sit there with no concern on their face until the water gets so hot it boils them to death.

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