News: FWST: What's wrong with the defense -- in 407 words or less

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    What's wrong with the defense -- in 407 words or less

    Keith Brooking captured the essence of the struggling Dallas Cowboys offense on Monday. When asked the simple question of what is wrong with the defense, Brooking was so thorough that it took him 407 words to answer the question.

    And so he confirmed what he and everyone else knows.

    What's wrong with the defense?

    A lot.

    “It’s a lack of execution,” Brooking said. “Everyone’s searching for answers. What is going on? It’s very simple. This game is very simple. It’s not complex. As players, we are not going out there and executing the play that’s called. Bottom line. That’s it.

    "Wherever he’s has been, he’s been successful. I’ve had a lot of success under Wade Phillips as a defensive coordinator with different personnel, different players, different teams obviously. You think overnight his defense is not going to hold up and be successful?

    "No, it’s on us to go out there and execute and make plays. There is a lack of execution on our part, and it’s a different guy on every play. I take the responsibility for that, because I’m a leader on this team. I’m a captain for the defense, and it’s unacceptable. It hurts like hell. The only thing I know to do is keep fighting, keep pressing.

    "Why are we not executing? I guess that would be the next question. It’s not for a lack of effort. I just watched every play. I watched every play three or four times. There’s a tremendous amount of effort there. Guys are giving it up

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    The players and coaches on this team are either totally delusional or they are all part of a cover-up....So the story today from this player is that the problem with the defence is simply execution.....Hey Keith, is this the same coaching scheme that had safeties covering wide-receivers one-on-one like against the Giants ? And is this the same coaching scheme that only has one blitz package - a linebacker up the middle - ? The best Dallas and Pittsburgh teams of the 70's couldn't win with these schemes.
  3. DanteEXT

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    They have more than one blitz scheme. Seen either Scandrick come on the blitz, or Sensebaugh.
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    What they need to do is go pick up a really good Defensive Coordinator. I think the players have honestly given up on the coach. I am not saying its time for them to get a new coach because I dont believe thats right to do in the middle of the season, but I think someone needs to go into that locker room and motivate some players because they are just stealing money from Jerry Jones...
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    Publicly, the players are going to back the coach. So we shouldn't be surprised Brooking would put the blame on the players.

    Privately, I think the players are saying, "Wade's schemes suck."
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    I think it's pretty basic.

    The Cowboys have had to depend on the blitz to get pressure. Especially since Spencer went hollywood in the off season or something and isn't getting a wiff of the Qb. Now the blitz gets picked up and teams just pounce on that. They're predictable in their blitz packages.

    The Jags really took advantage of the Cowboys MLB's blitzing. They just hit a crossing route or bubble screens. Plus the corners don't help much by playing 10 yds off the line all the time. It's a mess.
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    It's a lack of pressure, poor run defense and Campo's method for playing DB.
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    #1--we do nothing to disquise our defense. Thus we cause little confusion as to what we will or won't do on a given play. That would be OK if we had great execution, but we don't. We need to do a better job of disguising what we're doing on defense.

    #2--our cornerback and safety play is attrocious. Our defensive backs and safeties are playing like undrafted rookies.

    #3--as has been mentioned, we are not getting pressure from our defensive line on pass plays. This compounds the weaknesses in #1 and #2 above.

    #4--our tackling sucks more than a new Kirby vacuum cleaner.

    #5--linebacker play is inconsistent.

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