News: FWST: Will the Seahawks play "copy cat" this week?

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    - Charean Williams

    The Cowboys expect more of the same. After the Eagles ran over their defense -- the first time that has happened in the Rob Ryan era -- the Cowboys have no doubts the Seahawks and every team hereafter will try to copy Philadelphia's game plan.

    "I think you’ll see some of those plays run against us that Philadelphia was able to have success with," Cowboys defensive end Marcus Spears said. "If you’ve got a blueprint of a great house, you probably want to follow it. We’ve got to figure out how to break into that thing and shut it down. If we do see plays that Philly had, I’m sure we’ll be ready for it this time around."

    "They’re kind of unique in what they have with Michael Vick. Michael’s an amazing player,” Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said in a conference call with reporters at Valley Ranch. “Right off the bat, he’s scrambling around and making some yards, causing some problems for guys, thinking they don’t know if he’s going to take off and run or sit in the pocket. He found some space and started hitting guys all over the field and, man, the thing just snowballed with the running game. Michael had a great factor in that, as he’s always going to have a factor as you defend him. You’re thinking about him the whole time and you’re trying to design things so he doesn’t control the game. They just handed the ball off and made a bunch of yards. They really probably played the game differently than even they expected to where they ran it so effectively against the best rushing defense in the NFL.

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