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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Oct 2, 2012.

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    Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten was in no mood to celebrate a milestone moment in the wake of Monday’s 34-18 loss to the Chicago Bears at Cowboys Stadium.

    “Ultimately, I’m disappointed and frustrated,” Witten said, summing up his emotions after grabbing a season-high 13 passes for 112 yards and a touchdown after three subpar efforts to begin the season. “We have to execute plays better offensively. You can’t turn it over and win in this league.”

    Instead of dwelling on his personal achievements, Witten called for the Cowboys to use the Bears’ loss as a “wake-up call” going forward in a season that has started with a 2-2 record heading into the team’s bye week.
    “I am confident in the group and this has got to be a wake-up call for us,” Witten said. “I don’t say that nonchalantly. You can’t bounce back and forth like this and try to compete come December … We’ve been in that situation before. You cannot do it and we know that. We’ll get better.”

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    They can't do any worse.
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    Saying all the right things at least.. unlike some people (Dez)
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    Its the same thing year in and year out.
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    I feel like I've heard this somewhere before....

    Ohh yeah, it was last year, and the year before...
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    What did Dez say?
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    This post screams "I just want to blame Dez for something when I don't really have anything"
    Either point out where Dez said something wrong or stop it already because I haven't heard or seen anything where he did. I'm sure if Dez said something it had to be better than this canned bs Witten is spewing. Like MoClaiborn24 said we've heard what Witten has said over and over again from him and other players. It's past time to stop talking and start doing.
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    Look at what Jason Witten said in this article.

    "You can’t bounce back and forth like this and try to compete come December … We’ve been in that situation before. You cannot do it and we know that".

    Jason Witten

    Did Jason Witten (a supposed team leader) just admit that he doesn't think the Cowboys can compete in December. Wow. How many times have the Cowboys taken a good record into December and flopped? No wonder this team craters every December. Those words portray a total lack of confidence, imo. That is pretty weak minded, imo.

    Hey, Jason. How many times did the Giants lose (2011) before Eli came in for his yearly autograph session in the visitor's locker room (at Jerry World)? Other teams get hot in December and win or go to the Super Bowl. (Giants 2x, Packers, Cardinals). Those were a pair of 9-7 teams and a 10-6 team. The Giants walked right over that shiny blue star, twice.

    Jason Garrett was Jerry Jones' hand picked super puppet in waiting (2007), and it was supposed to be all Wade Phillips' fault. The culture of under-achieving and mediocrity will not leave until the Cowboys get a legit GM/front office and a legit head coach.

    The culture in Dallas has not changed one bit. Garrett was too inexperienced to ever have this job in the first place, and I think that showed last year, too. Jeff Fisher and Jon Gruden are probably laughing right now.

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    I don't think you understood him correctly. From what i got out of his statments, he was simply saying you can't expect to lollygag through the season and then expect to turn it on in December and challange for a postseason spot. It doesn't work like that, and he's right. Its only week 4, but a light has to go on for this team right now.. or we're looking at another long offseason. Seems drastic, but its the truth.
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    lol people sure do get defensive about Dez. Rick Reilly yesterday on Espn was saying he talked Dez about the miscommunication with Romo and instead of saying "my bad, I need to be better" Dez goes and says it was a "great defensive play"

    Like really? I'd rather a guy say he made a mistake instead of dumb remarks like that.
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    He probably sees the clock ticking down on his career and knows there are very few chances left for him to win a ring.
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    Yeah Dez really said something wrong there.:rolleyes: The problem is you are looking for something that isn't there and furthermore you are trying insert words to fit what you want Dez to say. There is notheing wrong with what Dez said. Instead of blowing up a situation he diffuse it on his end by saying it was a great defensive play. Everyone including Dez knows he ran the wrong route but if he comes out and says it it opens up a whole new line of questioning, controversy etc. No need for it.

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