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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by doomsday81, Feb 24, 2007.

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    What would it take to get McGahee. Not sure if we really need him, but won't complain either. At the right price of course.
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    ITS MONDAY!!! I cant wait for Dooms inside info!!!
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    I was wondering the other day if Dooms was going to be at the Combine this year. Last year he was on another Cowboy board and said the word he was hearing was that T.O. and Dallas was almost a certainty.

    I look forward to reading about what he's heard this year.
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    Doomsday81 asked me to post this for him from his notes at the Comine. Said much of this from Wade Phillips was friendly "off the record" shooting the bull.

    • Isn't worried one bit about the QB position. Said he hasn't known Romo long but he's been in almost every day studying film and working on his game. Wade joked to Romo to get a personal life and Romo said he'll get one as soon as he has a couple of Super Bowl rings to show off. Probably will bring in a cap-friendly veteran backup (no one flashy).
    • Bobby Carpenter is going to get unleashed. Phillips smiled everytime he mentioned his name. Said he liked him coming out of college when he was scouting him for the Chargers. Didn't say it but got the feeling he thought Carpenter was misused last year. Mentioned more than once his ability to rush off the edge and get to the QB.
    • He and Parcells are close. Tuna told Wade to call him anytime regarding anything and told him the Cowboys have as much talent as any team in the NFL right now.
    • Phillips said his 3-4 is nothing like what was being run last year. Got the impression he thought players weren't always utilized to the best of their abilities. Said quarterbacks are going to see a new animal this year and mentioned Roy Williams blitzing a lot more. Also got the impression they are looking hard at bringing in a young stud at safety.
    The following players mentioned the Cowboys when asked, "Which teams seem to be showing the most interst in you so far?" Granted this doesn't mean anything but letting you know just as an FYI.

    Dan Bazuin, DE/OLB Central Michigan

    Aaron Rouse, S Va Tech (More than one personnel person said he could be the steal of this year's draft)

    Aundra Allison, WR East Carolina

    Tank Tyler, NT NC State (Most physically impressive player I saw at the Combine)

    Brian Robison, DE Texas

    Jay Moore, DE/OLB Nebraska (Some people really love this guy)

    Stewart Bradley OLB Nebraska
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    That's if it isn't already posted in the Daily Zone. Who knows, he may surprise me.

    EDIT: Just saw Hostile's post. He surprised me some...
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    Thanks Hos and Dooms.

    I like what I hear about Carpenter and wonder what Wade has in store for him. If we're really looking at OLBs maybe he's going to be moved inside.
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    Its becoming obvious to me that they are looking to go defense early in the draft - definately will be drafting an edge rusher/tweener type. A NT and S/CB appear likely as well. It will probably be later in the draft (3rd rd and on) before we see some offensive help. Free agency will most likely see a veteran QB backup and an OG.
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    I thought it was becoming apparent that we're going to draft a 'tweener, but not in the first round. Most of the guys we're looking at are 2nd/3rd rounders.
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    Tank Tyler could be interesting - with a move down a few spots.
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    He's a complete knucklehead.

    Looks the part of a NT though.
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    Why's he a knucklehead? Bad rep?
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    Dan Bazuin DE Central Michigan

    Dan is a big strong kid who is faster than he is quick. He shows a good first step off the line and does as excellent job at the point of attack. The game comes easy to Dan. He has a variety of pass rush moves and understands how to set up an O-lineman to make an impact play at the important time in a game. He understands situational football and shows leadership skills along with being a good teammate. Dan reminds me a lot of Howie Long former D-lineman for the Oakland/Los Angeles /Anaheim/Oakland/”whatever else you want to call them” Raiders.

    The level of competition will affect his draft position. Not as far as I’m concerned.

    Let’s add it all up. No character issues, plays every down, might run as fast as 4.50 to 4.60 in the forty, good strength with a build that can add weight easily, a variety of pass rush moves, strong at the point of attack. Now you tell me, are you going to downgrade all of that because of the level of competition?! That’s like downgrading Dwight Freeney because he was not tall enough. It’s just plain stupid! A player is a player. If you don’t think that Dan will improve and get better than he is right now, then you should not be in the business. Dan projects to be at least as good as Grant Wistrom (DE Seattle Seahawks) and he was taken in the first round. I’m not sure that I have seen a faster DE come out in the draft in a long time. I have seen quicker DE’s, but not faster. Dan can run a lot of players down from behind and that, combined with his ability to handle the point of attack, should be enough to drop him into the first round; however, I’m sure it won’t. I know how this stuff works and we are all destined to see Dan rated as a second or third rounder or maybe even later. Just tell yourself this when your favorite team drafts this kid. You just got first round talent and a kid who might very well wind up in the Pro Bowl before a lot of others picked ahead of him. He will never stop working to get better than he is right now. I call him Dan (The Man) Bazuin because he was “the man” his team counted on to make a play and for leadership.

    - Drew Boylhart (
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    I'm kinda surprised to hear what Wade said about Carpenter. If I recall, no one really thought much of Carpenter's pass rush skills, rather his ability to play in space, stop the run, etc. Not that he wasn't a good blitzer, I just don't think he has ever been viewed as a pass rush specialist.

    Of course, Phillips defense is more about his players running forward than backward, so I guess everyone is gonna have to learn to rush the passer.
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    Mike Mayock and Rick Spielman (VP of player personnel for Minnesota) told me this is the worst DE/OLB draft they've seen in a long time. Mayock told me there's no DeMarcus Ware, Kamerion Wimbley or Manny Lawson in this draft. Every single person I spoke to thinks Jarvis Moss is a 4-3 end, not a 3-4 OLB. It's a much deeper draft at inside linebacker, a position that was weak last year. Plus, every player like Spencer, Woodley, Moses and Moss said they prefer to play with their hand down and didn't seem to excited about switching to OLB. Jay Moore is one guy to watch. He's a player people think can make the switch and could be a nice pick in the third round area. I don't think you'll see a lot of 3-4 teams draft the DE/OLB guys high this year. At least that was the thinking at the Combine.

    Also, a lot of people were talking about that Durrant kid from Hampton as being a real under-the-radar player. I can't say I know that much about him because my film on players just arrived today but his name came up a lot when I asked people about a possible sleeper.

    The most common name I heard was LaRon Landry. Teams are drooling over him. Landry and Calvin Johnson are the two players most personnel guys think are the safest, can't miss prospects in this draft.
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    I don't know much about him on a personal level but I will say he could barely speak. Looked like he wanted to kill someone, which is always nice, but didn't appear to be the brighest guy in the world. And if anyone knows Chuck Amato, that's not a big surprise.
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    Let me quote:
    Thats not a good sign! Besides, he is a free safey/tweener like Roy Williams. I don't understand why the Cowboys would pick him...
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    Spit at official and one other incident.

    Can't remember what it was.
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    Awsome!!! Thanks alot guys!!!
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    The info provided doesn't say the Cowboys are interested in him. It says that the player has that feeling or interpretation of who showed the most interest. That doesn't mean the player is right.
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    Smile. Then I guess this guy won't get drafted. :laugh2:

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