GAC:Saban Talks about Draft Prospects for Cowboys & Jason Garrett

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    Galloway & Company: Nick Saban
    Alabama coach Nick Saban talks about the draft prospects coming out of his program, how they could potentially help the Cowboys, his discussions with Jason Garrett and more.
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    Saban:Jason was here for pro day and enjoyed his visit, we have 5 players that would be great for a team.

    Saban:Interviewed 10 QB coaches and alot of players had rapport with jason as a player. I interviewed 10 guys as coaches in NFL, and jason was 10 times then others put together. No surprise to me has moved up as head coach. Hudson Houck was our coach here.

    Saban, talked about his yrs as head coach, how did it, pulling in same direction, and only way to be successful.

    Saban, have to get right guys on bus, and takes some time.

    Saban:Barron-Mark is really good person, great character,mature, effective leader, great size and speed, cover ability, good special teams guy and can play anywhere on defense in coverage, he is special. I think his advantage is he is so long, great size, so long makes him more effective cover guy like basketball, and if your a 6-9 guy covering you, hard to receive ball, paraphrasing.

    Courtney, good player, not jsut speed, but power, have a very good career if he can go play outside LB in 3-4.

    Dontae-can play inside or outside, played both here, can play outside, pass rusher for us on 3rd down, xpackage, signal caller, good leadership qualities and diversity on how you can use him and when yuou have guys that have that size and speed, they dont come along that offten because players get so beat up

    Trent, great guy and so much wrong information now when guys asked him out he hangs out with wrong guy. Tornado came through, first one on street trying to help someone.

    Saban, you have a chance to affect peoples lives and develop them at right kind of age. How many people have you talked to that a person has said a coach affected my life with an impact.

    Saban; i try to make game better, one thing concerns me, when media reacts to something negative, to much overreaction to issue and create to much negativity that could hurt more. Richardson took a young girl to prom that had cancer, was her dream wish.
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    Stupid homer. I bet he never complains when the media reports something good about a player or team!

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