Galloway talks to scout about WRs

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Chocolate Lab, Apr 24, 2009.

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    Some east coast scout. Not sure who it is... Maybe someone on the Dolphins.

    -- Thinks our WRs are extremely average.

    -- Harvin might have the most talent of any of the WRs, but most teams will avoid for the obvious character concerns.

    -- This guy said five WRs could go in the first round, or at least are worthy of it.

    -- Also doesn't like Iglesias and claims he wouldn't even be better than Sam Hurd! :eek:

    -- Compared Robiskie to Amani Toomer, but Mosley says we aren't so in love with Robiskie to trade up for him.

    The part about Iglesias surprises me. Surely he's exaggerating a little.
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    Buffalo bill's fan club will raid this thread in

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    well i agree with that;

    i think after the top 4-5 wrs that should go in first round or first round and top of 2nd, it tails off somewhat;

    thats why i think you can get a player like knox or thomas and they will be alot better;
  4. 28 Joker

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    I think the WRs in this draft are overrated. The class offers nice depth in the first two rounds. The real value is in round 2 unless you can get Crabtree or Macklin.

    Crabree and Macklin look like really good players, top 10 picks.

    Harvin played in a spread offense. Now, I saw him running some routes, and he looked good working out. Still, his diva attitude and lack of size should hurt him. He may not be able to get off the line of scrimmage in the NFL. Florida motioned him and played him inside to get him away from jams. He's an "athlete" type player. Plus, Harvin will not find it so kind running the ball up the gut in the NFL.

    Britt, Nicks, and Robiskie lack quickness according to scouts. They may not be able to separate from NFL tight coverage. Nicks isn't explosive. He could be a Boldin type player, though. Of the three, Nicks' power is attractive. He should be able to get off the line. However, I wouldn't trade up for him, imo. One scout said Robiskie was a third round talent, and he did most of his damage around the numbers, not inside. I hope someone else drafts him.

    Heyward-Bey is not a great route runner. He's raw. He could struggle unless he can run the route tree.

    I look at the big picture. I see this:

    Jason Witten
    Martellus Bennett
    Roy Williams
    Miles Austin
    Patrick Crayton
    Felix Jones

    That guy in bold is a weapon that teams really have not seen, yet. He can create mismatches out of the slot.

    At worst, Iglesias is very good slot WR in the NFL. He has been compared to Bobby Engram.
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    I wholeheartedly agree! I would not take a WR in this draft class until the 3rd. Other than Crabtree or Harvin, none are that special.

    I really hope that the Cowboys are just posturing in regards to Robiskie, even Nicks.
  6. Danny White

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    I'm a Sooner fan, and even I'm not that wild about Iglesias.

    He was a great college WR for the Sooners, but I wouldn't be very excited if the Cowboys drafted him.

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