Recap: Game 1 Recap - Stats and Analysis

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by sago1, Sep 11, 2005.

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    We held LT to 72 yards on 19 carries; longest was 10 yards & he scored once. Would anyone believe before this game that we could hold him to that little; others NFL teams will be watching this game tape to see how we did it. BTW: Julius had 93 yards on 26 carries for 1 TD and his longest was 13.

    Drew 18/24 226 3 TD 0 INTs
    Crayton 6 89 1 TD
    Keyshawn 5 65 2 TDs
    Glenn 3 42 0
    Jones 3 18 0
    Witten 1 12 0
  2. BrAinPaiNt

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    Drew Bledsoe - 18/24 226 yards 3 TDs 0 Ints 143.4 QB rating

    Julius Jones - 26 for 93 yards 1 TD 3.6 YPC / 3 catches 18 yards 6 YPC

    Patrick Crayton - 6 for 89 1 TD 14.8 YPC

    Keyshawn Johnson - 5 for 65 yards 2 TDs 13.0 YPC

    Terry Glenn - 3 for 42 yards 0 TD 14 YPC

    Jason Witten 1 for 12

    Chargers Stats...

    Drew Brees - 18 of 35 for 209 yards 2 TDs 2 65.1 QB Rating

    LT - 19 for 72 yards 1 TD 3.8 YPC average / 0 Receptions/Yards

    Keenan McCardell - 9 for 123 2 TDs 13.7 YPC Average

    Eric Parker - 5 for 75 0 TDs 15 YPC average

    TE Justin Peele - 2 for -4 yards -2 YPC average

    Return Star for San Diego

    D. Sproles - 4 Kick returns for 146 Yards 36.5 YPC average / Punt Returns 2 for 25 Yards
  3. dargonking999

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    as i belived since game started JJ was going to outdo LT, and he did,

    also for all intetns and purposes

    KJ 25 carries 87 yards 0 td's 3.4 av

    SJ- 19 caries 60 yards 0 td 3.1 av

    JJ-26 carries 93 yards 1td 3.5 av
  4. Chocolate Lab

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    LT only had that many yards and Brees only threw for 209.

    Also, Brees only completed 51% of his passes. Last year he completed 66%.

    If we hadn't let them start their drives at the 50 all game, we probably wouldn't have given up 24.
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    Whens the last time we had a QB with that rating?
  6. yesfan

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    Sproles damn, he was a huge factor today.Maybe him
    and Cortez had some kind of bet today. Lol
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    These stats are very nice to read, Nice to finally see no INT by a QB, not to mention 3 TDs. I'm still high from watching the game, lol, however my voice has yet to recover.
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    We also had 23 first downs, were 7 for 11 on 3rd down conversions and had 8.0 yards per pass.

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    So does that mean Terence Newman had a good game afterall?
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    Winning a Season Opener......what a novel concept.



    Drew Bledsoe - 18/24, 226 Yards Passing, 3 TDs, and NO INTERCEPTIONS! Damn that felt good. Maybe just once more, NO INTERCEPTIONS! Ah, nice.

    A few knowledgeable posters stated numerous time this offseason that if you gave Bledsoe time he would pick the Defense apart. Proof? It's in the Boxscore baby. When given time, Bledsoe systematically dissected the Chargers today. He made all of the throws (short/dumpoffs, mid-range, long) and made them all at a highly-efficient level.


    Julius Jones - 26 carries, 93 Yards, 1 TD

    Nothing spectacular but he did reel off some nice runs here and there to keep the Chargers honest. San Diego was forcing us to throw all day long (see above). Julius kept pounding even when there was nothing there and was a crucial part of today's win.


    Patrick Crayton - 6 receptions, 89 yards, 1 TD

    I regret to inform you that this particular secret is out. In front of a National Audience, Crayton came up with Big Catch time and time again today. There was still some question as to whether or not he could put together a complete game to help the team get a win. Question answered. Dude is the definition of a Gamer.

    Keyshawn Johnson - 5 receptions, 65 yards, 2 TDs

    Not bad for a guy who has been called old, slow, and whom several posters here have tried to run off the team numerous times. Today was further evidence that Key knows how to play the Wide Receiver game better than anybody else on our roster. He's physical, does barely enough to not get called for Offensive PI, blocks like a madman, and gets in opposing DBs heads from Drive one.

    Terry Glenn - 3 receptions, 42 yards

    Threw this in here for LTN and just to recognize a guy who will give you at least 3 catches and 40+ yards almost everytime he plays.


    Anthony Henry - 12 tackles (10 of them solo), 1 INT

    Remember back in TC when Bill called Henry the Best Cornerback on the roster? Yeah so do I. Seemed a little unlikely back then. Seems almost definite right now. Damn this guy is tough. He hits, bumps, and never lets that Receiver get a large cushion on him. Stud.

    Roy Williams - 7 tackles (5 of them solo), 1 Sack

    Roy made a couple plays today that saved this game for us. Amazing what he can do when you actually allow him to play closer to the line of scrimmage, no?


    There are several other players who deserve praise for today's Big Win, and please feel free to mention them, but it's celebration time and I'm hungry.

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    I thought Henry came up huge. I had never even heard of this guy when we signed him. What a great find!!! He had great coverage all game. The only one that I wish he could have gotten a hand on was the pass to Parker at the end of the game that gave San Diego a first down.

    Great game. I like the attacking style of our defense much much better than the bend-dont-break style we have played over the last few years.

    Good win, here's to stomping Washington on Monday night.
  12. Roughneck

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    Which reminds me, one last prop for somebody whose name won't show up on the stats page. Zimmer threw blitz after blitz at the Chargers today and really seemed to take Brees out of his rhythm a couple of times (the first pick for instance). If it weren't for field position, he might have even been more aggressive with the D. Here's hoping that the trend continues.
  13. BrAinPaiNt

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    -Threads Merged-
  14. dargonking999

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    Henry showed up this game proving critics wrong, and hopefully it will be newman next week showing up and proving critics wrong, and then cap it off with them stepping it up together, the sweetness,

    possibly two shutdown that possible?
  15. Chocolate Lab

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    No, but it wasn't that bad either. :)
  16. CantonBound08

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    You are exactly right. That first series that SD had I was worried. It didn't appear that we were blitzing all that much, and we weren't getting any pressure at all. We only had 2 sacks, but I would like to see how many pressures we had.
  17. JakeCamp12

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    AB in the Browns loss was 5 for 65 no TDs....But I will enjoy watching Crayton play this year, the kid is smooth on his routes. Q Morgan didn't see any receptions today. I hope Price can play next week, we may need him against a very good Skins defense.
  18. CantonBound08

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    I am eager to see Price as well, but where do you put him? Our top 3 receivers looked really good today, catching everything in sight. I don't remember seeing a single drop.
  19. dargonking999

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    very smooth, expect for the dropped passes he had.....again, unlike the top 3 cowboys recivers which i didnt see any, and crayton his replacment not a single drop...and we won
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    If our WRs play this well this offense will be damn near impossible to stop. We have one of the best RBs in the NFL. And Witten at TE isn't bad :) . Now we may lose some games because of mistakes at QB or the OLine has an off game. But this team will be fun to watch unlike the last few years.

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