Game 1: Steelers - 13 vs Titans - 10 *Final*

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by kmp77, Sep 10, 2009.

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    Stats, in one way or another, lead to wins. You cannot simply disregard them. Romo's career QB rating is nothing to sneeze at and should not be ignored.

    To write it all off as just "stats goons" would just be unwise.
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    hehe, ok.... your game is silly for the reasons I've already noted but I'll play your game.

    Troy Aikman as a rookie, on a 1-15 team that finished 3-13 the year before, then traded their only good player so that Paul Palmer ended the season as the starting RB, and with WR's named Bernard Ford and James Dixon, set a rookie record with 379 yards in a game, and made several all-rookie teams.

    Tony Romo, in his 4th NFL season, got his chance to start and took over for Drew Bledsoe. The Cowboys finished 9-7 the year before, and Romo was blessed with Terrell Owens, Terry Glenn and Jason Witten as his receiving targets, and had Julius Jones and Marion Barber in the backfield. Romo's team finished 9-7 and he made the pro-bowl. They went to Seattle where the playoffs ended on the muffed snap and run play.

    Troy Aikman in his 2nd year started off very slow, but the rebuilding Cowboys gathered steam after 10 games. After a 3-7 start Aikman started "getting" it and the Cowboys won 4 straight games to move to 7-7. Needing 1 win to qualify for the playoffs, Aikman went down with a shoulder separation in Philadelphia early in the game. Babe Laufenberg stepped in, but not even Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin could overcome the Bambino, and Dallas lost their next two to narrowly miss the playoffs.

    Tony Romo in his 5th season, 2nd year as a starter, blossomed. Romo made the Pro Bowl for his 2nd consecutive season, the Cowboys finished with the best record, a record of 13-3 and had homefield advantage throughout. The Cowboys were defeated at home by the Giants, ending a season that looked much more hopeful.

    Troy Aikman in his 3rd season in the NFL had a pro bowl season. Unfortunately he also was injured in the midst of the season and after Steve Beuerlein did his Kerry Collins impression for a little over 4 games, Aikman sat until the Cowboys trailed in the playoffs in Detroit. The Cowboys lost in Detroit, but the future was now in place.

    Tony Romo in his 6th season, 3rd year as a starter, started off hot, but faded badly down the stretch. The Cowboys, preseason picks for the Super Bowl, finished 9-7 and missed the playoffs. Romo was not selected for the pro bowl. his last 4 QB ratings for the season were, 44.9, 113.7, 66.2, 55.8

    So, my assessment would be, given the teams they had in year 1, and how they finished in year 3, statistically Romo looks better, but I would take Aikman. By year 3 Aikman is in the pro bowl, and his performance is moving up, Romo missed the pro bowl for the first time, and his performance went down.

    Now, I played this silly game, for your amusement, but I'm betting on Romo this year. I'm betting we not only make the playoffs, we go to the Super Bowl, and I mean that. I predict and hope this is Romo's best year to date.
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    Please tell me, and I mean this respectfully, that you aren't that football stupid. Really? 1989? His rookie year? 1990? Do you remember those teams?

    I'll guarantee you this right now. You put Romo, in his ROOKIE season on the 89-90 Cowboys and he would have been out of football. And that is the truth. One of the most amazing things about Troy Aikman was the physical and mental fortitude that it took to survive the beginning of his career and become a hall of famer. A similar beginning almost destroyed Jim Plunkett and has ruined the careers of others.
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    Troy is one of the best QBs of all-time, Romo is not yet at that level. Will Romo ever reach that level???

    I dont know.
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    Speaking for myself here.

    Those stats prove that romo has the skill set and potential to be a great Qb one day. However like many have mentioned, there is more to football then what is on black and white. Romo has to step up in the biggest stages, not just as a player but as a leader. He needs to lead the team with confidence, good decison making and by demanding excellence.

    Show me a Tony Romo that does this and I will show you one hell of a scary team to go up against.
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    lol, seriously. put aikman on this current team and they are nowhere near as good. it wouldn't be close. put him on the 90's cowboys and they would win more than 3.
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    And you know this how?...

    I would really like to see Romo lead those teams past OUR Division, the Niners and packers of that era. Please by all means go tell Young and rice it will be romo the go lucky gun slinger taking Aikmans place...The freaking field general of the Dallas Cowboys.

    You go right ahead!!!!

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    Troy wasn't really better than the third best in the league at his position during much of his prime. Romo's nearing that territory. Troy did get better when the games mattered most, which is something Romo hasn't demonstrated consistently yet.

    The Aikman on this roster part is definitely true. I don't thin Tony wins more Superbowls on the 90's teams. The likely net result of switching is that both teams would be worse.
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    do you notice how you polish Aikman and totally ignore that Romo was injured much of last season really are funny
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    no football stupid is putting TO anywhere near the same group as TD, Aikman, and Roger.....

    and sorry that AINT the truth that is your biased opinion......
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    Tony Romo plays in a watered down version of the NFL. Fact is, Aikman and Romo together in their prime and Aikman kicks his butt in the 90's, and would kick his butt today. Aikman wasn't the #1 overall selection in the NFL draft for no reason, and didn't guide his team to 3 Super Bowl championships for no reason, and if you can't see that, then you ARE football stupid, and that isn't bias, that is truth.
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    Dallas, I hope you don't mind me putting in my two cents worth into your debate.

    I love Romo and think he's the primary reason why we have a chance to even talk about a potential SB. I've also argued that Tony's a top 5 QB and I absolutely believe that. But Romo, right now, isn't even in Aikman's league. Aikman was the ULTIMATE quarterback; he was the conductor, team leader, field general, accurate, strong and cerebral in his approach to the game and his position. In the playoffs, with the season on the line, the guy was money.

    If we talk about stats in terms of who's "better," then people have to admit that Farve, Marino, Young and Elway were ALL better QB's but I wouldn't take any of those guys over Aikman to lead my team. Romo might be statistically better than Staubach as well but I don't think he's in Rodger's league (yet) either.

    I don't mean to be disrespectful to anyone here, but to argue that Romo is a better QB makes me think that some people here were a little to young to see Aikman play and appreciate what he brought to this team beyond just knowing that he was the QB that won 3 SB's.

    Troy had to deal with Jimmy Johnson, taking over a 3 and 13 team, rebound from a 1 and 15 season in which he was battered, overcome Steve Walsh and later Steve Beurlein breathing down his neck, the expectations of being the #1 overall pick, exorcising the demons of "The Catch," Buddy Ryan's defense, David Shula, Washington and NY's dominance at the time, and the list goes on and on.

    Tony Romo is an outstanding QB with the potential to be great. But right now, he's no Troy Aikman and he's not even close.
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    I think Romo is the QB that the Cowboys need right now. They need a guy that can make a crappy o-line look good and to be able to carry the team when the running is maddeningly inconsistent. Aikman wouldn't do well in those circumstances.

    I also don't believe Romo would be ideal for those 90s teams. Romo strikes me as more of a rythm passer than Aikman was. He probably needs to throw the ball more and he will make more mistakes. Aikman didn't need to make something happen on a consistent basis. He needed to be right on when it was called for him to be.

    So, yes, if you were building a team from scratch and needed a QB, you'd pick Aikman and build around him. However, if you have a team that you need a QB to make something happen when all hell breaks loose, you'd take Romo.
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    LMAO! I love how he uses the team to bolster Romo and then points out how bad Aikman was at first because of his team. But then as Aikman improves over the 3 years he points it out as only Aikman improving and acts as if that had nothing to do with the level of talent on the team improving but then when he talks about Romo he talks about only Romo playing poor down the stretch and how he's the reason. As if the rest of the guys on the team didn't fade down the stretch as well.

    It's lovely how Aikman was so great cause he did it but Romo isn't nearly all that good cause he's got this great team, that are all obviously playing awesome, while Romo is out there playing horrible and costing them games.

    That's hilarious.
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    You don't think the improvement of that 90 team had anything to do with guys like Irvin being back and the addition of Emmitt Smith? You don't think having some other improved players were a direct result in Aikman getting better? Or does that only apply when it's Romo? I'm curious because you continually downplay Romo cause of the talent around him and then make it out like Aikman did it all on his own.

    And maybe Romo wouldn't make it through that 89 season. I have no idea. But I'll tell you this. If you put Aikman on this team he wouldn't be nearly the QB we all remembered him being then. The reason being back then he had a fantastic O-Line, this being as he and the team got better, and when they were winning, and Aikman was making his legend, he didn't have to worry about getting beaten up a ton.

    You put him behind our O-line today, with his lack of ability to move around and extend plays, and he'd get killed. he wouldn't just get beat up he'd get killed. People over-rate our O-Line so much because they look and see "Well Romo only got sacked 20 or 24 times all year, they did pretty good." but what they forget to mention, or factor in, is how Romo, with his scrambling and moving, keeps those sack stats down that low. A guy who doesn't move around as well as Romo would be destroyed behind our line.

    I don't know that the Cowboys would have been any better with Romo back then than Aikman, cause Aikman was great with that team, but this team, as it is right now, wouldn't be better with Troy. Troy wouldn't last long enough to show off his strengths cause he'd be getting sacked all the time.

    Now, all that said, on teams of equal talent, and style of play, and everything across the board I'd take Aikman in his prime, at this point, as my guy. I'll revisit that thought at the end, or toward the end, of Romos career. But again that would only be on equal teams, not on this one or that one.

    I certainly wouldn't take Aikman, even in his prime, on this team because of our O-Line.
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    How old are you? I'll bet you you were barely old enough to even remember Aikman in his prime.
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    Just as I thought, and true with most of you who make these arguments. You are 29. (if your info is correct) That means in 92-93 you were about 12 or 13. Not surprising that you don't recognize what a talent Aikman was. I repeat. There is a reason he was the #1 overall, said to be the best prospect since Elway, COULD RUN (bet most of you don't remember that Aikman), (In 1989 he rushed for 389 yards with a 7.3 rushing average, sound like an immobile guy????)
    and could make all the throws with deadly accuracy. Yes, those teams matured together, but that is the point that you keep missing. As those teams were capable of winning THEY DID. Aikman was a big part of that.

    Romo STARTED OUT with good talent around him. He has matured also. I look for a big year out of him this year. But he has to play his best in the biggest games or else it will continue to be ridiculous to compare him to a 1st ballot hall of famer.
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    you really think you are something dont ya......bla bla bla are just using your opinions to argue against facts...that my friend makes you not just football stupid but just plain ole every day arguement remains the same and i have statistical proof to back me up that through their first 3 seasons as starters Romos stats blow Aikmans can call me "football stupid" or whatever you want it wont change FACTS.....
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    lol, ok :rolleyes:

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