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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Tass, Aug 28, 2005.

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    These are all just opinions...please offer solutions or your own opinions whether they are opposing or agreeing.

    1) Petitti looks like he will be a solid starting lineman even as a rookie. Quite an accomplishment for the 'fat guy' who plummeted in the draft.

    2) Our MLBs are undersized. Watch for SD to run it right up the middle against us all day long.

    3) Crayton is a gamer. If one of our frontline receivers goes down Crayton looks like he will do just fine filling in. He has great hands, deceptive speed and he's tough.

    4) His short TD catch notwithstanding, Morgan bought his ticket out of Dallas on Saturday night. We already have a superfast receiver with suspect hands in Crowder. Only Crowder is a good ST player who costs less.

    5) Speaking of Crowder, he is really fast.

    6) I thought Coady showed something. Even if he wasn't a terror out there, he was around the ball and in on some ST plays. I can't remember Reese or Scott doing anything in past games.

    7) I hope our safeties wind up being Roy, Keith Davis, Coady and Beriault. Beriault needs to do whatever he has to to get on the field because he is too good to give up on.

    8) Glover had me saying "Jason who?" Jeez...we may have spent a bunch of money needlessly with Glover still being a force and Pepper Johnson coming on. Well, hindsight is 20/20, I guess.

    9) What is going on with Al Johnson? He was doing a good Claude Rains impression last night.

    10) No snaps for Henson? Come on. I really don't care which QB plays as long as he performs well. That said, with the uncertainty we all see at the position it would seem to behoove the team to look at all of the guys. (And making the # 2 and 3 guys work with the less talented line and receivers isn't fair. Romo looks like he'd do REALLY well with the first-teamers.)

    And lastly; We should not try to run screen plays. We are junk at it, evidently.

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