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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Verdict, Aug 29, 2005.

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    I was at the Houston game and had a couple of observations. I am hoping it was an aberration, but it looked like to me that the nickle corner, Glenn, may be a little bit vulnerable to the long ball. It appeared he got beat by the Texans deep, one or twice, fairly badly. Also, for a veteran, he really play the ball that well. I think he was so worried about hanging with his man that making a play on the ball was the farthest thing from his mind at times.

    A-Train might be a veteran, but I would CUT him, in a New York minute. He really reminded me (painfully) of Troy Hambrick and Eddie George. On his big runs the line had opened holes I could have run through. Other times he had room to run but was stopped for a short gain. He runs like a fullback, but is not punishing like a fullback. I'm telling you, this guy reminded me of Eddie George last year. Cutting him is no loss.

    Unless Copper is doing well on special teams, he should be cut. I don't think he has the skills to even be a solid #3 receiver in the NFL.

    Quinct Morgan's hands are pitiful He couldn't catch a cold while naked in freezing temperatures. He seems to get open ok, but he just can't catch.

    Crayton looks like the real deal. I think he is a solid NFL receiver at this point. He gets open, catches the ball and, just as importantly hangs on to the ball. He was a great late round find last year. I think this guy has second round ability, and still has some upside. This gem makes up, a little bit for the Rogers bust.
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    Things may look different on TV, but while I saw some passes caught against Glen, he seemed to have pretty good coverage on the deep balls I saw.

    A-train was never a speedster, but he seemed to carry the mail fine - at least as I envisions Bill's plans for him.

    Copper will be gone this week.

    Morgan's TD catch may have bought him another chance, but his drop was inexcusable.

    Crayton's play makes up for Rogers.
  3. Glenn Carano

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    Aaron Glenn is the least of our worries. He's a great 3rd CB and will make some plays for us this year.

    You don't catch a cold from cold weather. Just becasue you go outside in freezing weather naked doesn't mean you'll catch a cold. Come up with a better analogy than that.
  4. Verdict

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    Ever heard of a sense of humor? LOL
  5. Duane

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    Newman is looking the best I've ever seen. It looks like Coach Bowles and the addition of vet corners Glenn and Henry have made a world of difference.
  6. silver

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    he coudn't catch a taxi in downtown new orleans.

    i guess that's not an analogy either
  7. silver

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    he could'nt catch a fly with chop sticks like mr miagi in the karate kid II
  8. Sportsbabe

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    Let me get in on this: he couldn't catch a skank at an MTV Video Awards party.
  9. gjdeftmv

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    couldn't catch AIDS in a gay bar
  10. Glenn Carano

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    Obviously you haven't. LOL
  11. joseephuss

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    What was up with the play calling and set up for the FG attempt just before halftime? I think the team having to rush on to the field is what screwed up the snap and hold. Perhaps Drew should not have thrown the ball to Glenn and instead should have thrown it away to stop the clock. I didn't get a chance to log on until Monday and hadn't seen any posts commenting on this, so I thought I would bring it up.
  12. Billy Bullocks

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    thats what im thinking...sense of HUMOUR
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    not sure why this hasn't been deleted yet
  14. LeonDixson

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    A-Train is MUCH better than George was last year. I think he sticks and MBIII gets put on one of the injured lists. Now if one of them HAS to go, it's a toss up between those two IMHO. I'd probably keep MBIII and let A-Train go.

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