Game recap from Sun devil stadium

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by blindzebra, Aug 14, 2005.

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    I don't think the importance of this can be overstated. It's something that Bledsoe is still trying to learn after all of these years (though in his case, the problem is less with forcing the play than with eating the sack rather than throwing it away) and that Vinnie never learned. To see it from a guy with very little experience is impressive.
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    Burnett is big and has energy, but did not do a lot.

    It was kind of tough to focus on everybody, because we were looking at so many new players.

    The OL pass protected pretty well for Bledsoe. I told Hos and Adbutcher that I'm gonna start calling him Peppermint PATTY. Romo and Henson both made their read and got rid of the ball faster.

    In more detail:

    Crowder and Z. Smith both made picking that #4 and #5 WR a lot tougher.

    Polite and Pierce both had solid games making that FB or extra TE choice harder.

    Singleton is not small at all, and far from invisible.

    We ran two TE with the 2nd TE at FB in a pro set, especially on the sweeps.

    Shanle is not as big as some want him to be, but he does get after it.

    We don't have a RT, and nobody to back up LT from what I saw. Neither center played that well. Peterman was spotty, he had some penalties but pulled and lead well. Rogers played a couple of plays and limped off and did not return.

    I think we are okay at back up QB, starter is another issue. I'd like to see both Henson and Romo with the 1st team. Henson has a much better arm. Both show some swagger when they are out there.

    To those who think Parcells does not like Henson. That does not seem to be the case based on how they interacted.

    When Henson came off the field after his last completion to get back some yards for Cundiff Payton said something to him kind of heatedly, held his headset and then patted Henson's shoulder and both started laughing.
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    Thanks for those observations. I like observations from the Blind one :p:
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    One other thing of note:

    Ware did play OLB in our short yardage 4-3.

    That was for you Fuzzy.:D
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    I thought he looked better than what people talked about the first weeks of camp...had he had more protection I'm sure his numbers would have been much better...he made some really outstanding throws

    the guy got almost no pass protection whatsoever


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