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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Champsheart, Aug 14, 2005.

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    There will be a serious butt chewing coming from Parcells.
    Probably a good thing. A few players really played stupid, and penalties killed us.

    Still it was just the first Pre-Season game, and no need to over react to anything. A few thoughts though!

    NEGATIVES - It could not be worse than Tucker. If he is even on the plane, he should just keep his bag packed when they get to Oxnard.

    O-Line as a whole. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd team. They did not look good at all. They could not open any holes inside, and none of our QB's had time. Really bad.

    Bledose, oh man! This O-Line better get it together. We all know he has to be protected to be sucessfull. He did nothing to dispell that. I am glad this happened though because there will be no illusions. Parcells can see it right away. He has to get rid of the ball quicker to help the O-Line some. Overall though with being what he is, he had no help.

    Peterman - I will have to go back and watch his blocking, but he better get rid of that penalty bug quick. He cost us twice.

    Petitti - He had a hard time out there. To be expected due being a rookie, and switching sides, but it was tough sleding tonight. I still like his future though.

    Special teams coverage, and returns. Not very good at all IMO.

    Cundlif -He scares the heck out of me. Just to inconsistent IMO. I posted earlier last week I was worried about our kicker because we will play a lot of games where a big kick is needed to win. Could be the difference of 2 or 3 wins. Granted the penalty put him in a hard spot, but the good ones make that kick.

    I really would have liked to see more from Ware, Canty, and Burnett in making some plays. All 3 where just kind of out there. Ware really had a hard time with there LT, and pretty much was neutralized. He did have a couple QB pressures, one against there 3rd team. No big deal though, I kind of expected this. I expect we start to see a little more of all 3 during the last couple of Pre-Season games as they get more comfortable.

    Keith Davis - Ouch! Really the 10 points Arizona put up in the first half where on him. He gave up the completion that set up there FG, and I have no idea what he was looking at on the TD pass. He really took a horrible angle covering Fitzgerald. He should have made that play.

    Both Romo and Henson looked pretty good. Both had some good throws, and made good decisions. Romo looks pretty comfortable in the pocket, even with the helter skelter around him. I like Romo. He has some spunk to him. He seems to understand the offense, has a decent arm, and good touch.
    Henson had trouble with a couple throws wobbling, but pretty good overall. Good decisions. Got rid of it pretty quick for the most part. Good velocity! He played a lot better than I thought he would after all the reports from Training Camp.

    Tyson, and Barber both looked pretty decent. Barber looks like he really has some good hands, and a little wiggle. I thought we did pretty good for the first time out.
    Tyson looked really nice for what he was given. No question he can run outside, but can he do anything else? We should know by the time pre-season is over.

    McBriar - Looked good. Has some real boomers.

    Witten - nuff said!

    Singleton - To my suprise he actually looked pretty good out there, especially against the run.

    Kalen Thornton - While he did not have any sacks he was getting good penetration against both the run and pass, and had a couple QB pressures. I thought he looked pretty good.

    Roy - Just seeing where he will be playing you can already see he is going to have a monster year. The PAIN is coming. Nice forced fumble.

    T-New and Henry - While not perfect, I thought both played pretty well.

    Other players I thought looked pretty good tonight-

    "Pepper" Johnson

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