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Discussion in 'CZ Support Zone' started by Cowboy Brian, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. Cowboy Brian

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    In addition to the gameday thread, add a gameday injury thread. Yesterday while trying to follow the injuries it was difficult with all the other posts. Simply spreading this out would make the CZ gameday experience alot more fun& informative.
  2. Cowboy Brian

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    Any responses from mods/admins? I believe this would be a great addition to the gameday coverage..
  3. tupperware

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    Hmm another idea could be to use the notices system. Just whip up a quick notice to display to registered users the current injuries. That way it's one less sticky thread to pin.
  4. Reality

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    My first reaction was, "Great idea!" But the more I thought about it, it's really pointless to do it. The reason is that it may take a few minutes after an injury for the mods to know about it. In fact, if the mods are watching the game on TV and some users are listening to radio streams, the users may learn about it first.

    In that time, someone (if not multiple people) have already created a thread about it in the Fan Zone which will likely have an active discussion in it. I hate to remove/merge/mix that thread into a thread with discussions about other player injuries when 2 special teams only players may be hurt and one major starter may be hurt.

    We will still consider it though ..

  5. Cowboy Brian

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    I understand what your saying but for example week #1, when Dez was out I was scrambling through the pages to try to find information on the injury, even if the info is posted by the mods a few minutes late it will be very useful and much more organized. Like I said just have all injury updates on one thread, even if it's not only mods posting it but rather just an extra sticked thread on gameday. Say Ogletree limps off to the sideline, rather than 8 posts in the gameday thread about "is anyone ever healthy" "whats wrong", people could check injury thread and then say Hostile posted "It's a cramp he'll be back in a few series" then the gameday thread can stay about the action and less about the injury overall increasing the experience of the thread and following the game on Cowboyszone, atleast thats my opinion.
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    I'm not really one to talk, but can't step away from the zone long enough to watch a game? The last thing i'd want to do during a cowboys game is surf the web..just saying.

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