Garrett and closing out games

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by tecolote, Oct 28, 2013.

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    After Detroit had scored at will in the fourth quarter on a decimated defense we play not to lose. We only needed a couple of first downs to ice it. They get a first down on a penalty and then run the ball for a 2 yard loss. Then, with the defense crowding the line, they run again for another loss. The 3rd down play was DOA. Then, by some miracle, we get the ball back and procede to muck it up again.

    Why? This has happened time and time again with Garrett, he just refuses to let his offense finish the job, it is a shame. In todays NFL that is the difference between 8-8 and home for the playoffs and 10-6 and hosting a playoff game. He gives us no advantage in those situations, none. He is a liability.

    You spend so much time following the team, going to games, posting on boards, etc, only to have JG blow games time and time again in the closing moments, he never seems to make the right call. He alone is the difference between this team being a playoff team and staying at home.

    I had high hopes when he was hired and he seems like a nice guy but I have slowly but surely seen how bad he is as a head coach.
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    Garrett doesnt have any balls. I guess that comes with the territory when you have lived life on easy mode because of daddy's connections.
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    I vote Garrett retreats to the locker room during situational football.


    Garrett retreats to the locker room at the start of the first quarter.
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    Did the same thing in the ne game and almost did it again this past opening night against the giants
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    Never really been onthe fire Garrett bandwagon inthe past but Ginger has to go, No other way around it. Nice guy & all but he's not head coaching material.

    Seems like this team is not held accountable for let downs or blown games and someone has to take responsiblity for these mistakes or they will occur over and over again.

    Elite coaches doesn't let nor allow these type of meltdowns to happen.
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    For those that feel a head coach can't make that much of a difference, .. see Andy Reid and the KC Chiefs.
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    All coaches do this. It's the supposed safe call and they will never get criticized for it. They try to run clock and make the other team use their timeouts. The problem is when they try to combine the 2 like Dallas did. The incomplete pass on the first third down was a killer and the penalty on the second third down was the back breaker. Sean Payton did the exact same thing against the Pats a couple weeks ago and there wasn't a peep about it.
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    yeah that was said to be all Brady, what a comeback

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