Garrett and Kiffin could be perfect storm

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Wood, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Wood

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    As I sat back thinking of the signing of Kiffin as new DC I couldn't think of a better fit for Jason. Kiffin doesn't threaten Garrett position as HC (L. Smith would have). Kiffin and Garrett are both cerebral guys and lets be honest Jason needs older statesmen to lean on during the season. This switch to 4-3 is about RG3. If your gonna switch to 4-3 you want Kiffin to be there to implement it. I also have to agree with Lacewell that this is best signing since Jimmy Johnson.

    DOUBLE WING Well-Known Member

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    If we're switching our defense to defend a mobile QB, Monte Kiffin is the worst possible hire we could have made.
  3. goshan

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    Mobile/running QB hurts a Cover 2. Don't get the comment on RGIII.
  4. MagicMan

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    GEEEZ, looks like the ones who like Kiffin as DC is because he does NOT threaten poor ole JG's job....god forbid, trying to bring in a Lovie Smith, Dave Wannstedt, Butch Davis, Chan Gailey or Norv Turner to break Red's confidence in his master coaching skills. Ala bringing Tebow in to back up Sanchez in NY and resulting in his meltdown. So if this is a Garrett hire, I can see why....and it is for the wrong reason.

    There are no shut down defenses in the NFL anymore.....the good defenses will make stops at crucial situations in the game or cause turnovers-------if you don't, you are sitting at home just like the 'Boys are. Rules are now in favor of the offenses, and defenses, especially the kind Kiffin runs, are only as good as the players you have. No magic formula, no guru of any kind as mentioned in other threads here. Yeah, we would hope Kiffin does something that even Garrett is NOT doing----and that is using a system that favors our players' strengths and minimizes their weaknesses. But that was what we hoped Ryan would have been doing as well.

    As I have said before, I am a Cowboys fan BEFORE a Jerry or Garrett fan----I would have hoped people being employed to run this team are the best for the team and not to satisfy or calm the nerves/feelings of a certain coach or individual. No hire or action is going to prevent the pressure lil Red riding hood will have this coming season should Dallas get off to another mediocre start. Fans and media will be on Jerry's jiglets clamoring for answers.

    If its not nepotism with this team, it is just plain stupidity that runs rampant.
  5. gimmesix

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    I like Kiffin because he's been a highly successful defensive coordinator in the NFL, which is more than anyone can say about Rob Ryan.

    AMERICAS_FAN Active Member

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    This switch to 4-3 is about the running game. The bottom line is that the running game is making a comeback in the NFL.

    The 3-4 became popular as the league emphasized passing moe and more, as to focus on coverage and disquized blitzes.

    Teams are also finding out that emphasizing passing makes you one dimensional and less effective. And this is why they're looking for good RBs now and making them an integral part of their offenes.

    Both the Eagles and Resdskins have damn good RBs. Even the Cowboys keep saying they want a balancd attack, and they'd have it if demarco Murray stays healthy.

    And so I'm glad we're going back to playing D the way it's meant to be played. I love the 4-3 because its sound for playing the run and pass, unlike the 3-4 which I always found to be too gimmicky for my taste.
  7. DuDa

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    What are information are you basing your opinion on? Tampa 2 requires faster players, quicker reaction, and gang tackling. Thats sounds like a decent plan to me.
  8. goshan

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    What? The 4-3, Cover-2 is about minimizing big plays in the passing game and causing turnovers at the expense of giving up rushing yards. A lot of information on football strategy is available on the Internet - I recommend some of you guys read it.
  9. CaptainMorgan

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    RGIII's running game might be toned down significantly going forward due to concerns about his knee even if he heals to 100%.
  10. gimmesix

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    Yes, but it also is designed to leave linebackers in coverage, which can hurt you with a mobile quarterback. An emphasis is put on corners coming up and playing the outside run with the line crashing down inside. RGIII getting outside line containment, one-on-one with a corner is not a pretty sight. That's one reason a premium is placed on speed, because the linebackers have to react to the mobile QB/the running game and get there in time to help.
  11. gimmesix

    gimmesix Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life

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    Yes, despite the RGIIIs, Cam Newtons, etc., in the league, it's still a passing league, and this defense is designed to keep the passing under control and make teams beat you with their running game and precision passing. It's an annoying defense that makes you work for points rather than taking big risks and giving up points in a hurry.
  12. goshan

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    MLB and safeties drop back in zones. LB play short passes. Corners generally play a zone on outside. DL hard rushes. Mobile QBs can step into pocket and pick up yards up the middle against a cover-2.
  13. CaptainMorgan

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    So what is different between Kiffin's 4-3 and the 4-3 we ran when Wandstedt was here?
  14. jnday

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    Is Garrett's so insecure and ego so fragile that a younger coach threatens him? I read the same comment from a mediot, so I am not trying to put you on the spot. If this is true, Jerry really has castrated Garrett. The way these moves have been handled, Garrett has lost his credibility.
  15. CowboysYanksLakers

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    Sapp and them boys used to be one of the few teams who could slow down Mike Vick so I doubt Kiffin is that worried about RG3...
  16. dupree89

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    I hear you. I know several people here have other reasons for supporting the move....but why am I reading so much about "Jason Garrett won't feel threatened" ???

    For how dismal his office performed at the start of games (sometimes even carrying into the 3rd Qtr) he should feel threatened. He should feel heat. Why are we so concerned about poor fragile Jason Garrett? Does this guy sit down to pee?
  17. VThokie7

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    Perfect storm? Is Monte going to call the offensive plays too?
  18. Wood

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    It's same reason u don't bring in a starting qb to back up romo. It sends wrong message and could undermine them. Kiffin is perfect comliment to young HC who is work in process.
  19. 187beatdown

    187beatdown Lack of Big Plays

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    The Bears shut Vick down the year he blew up and had just lit up the Skins 56-0 a few games prior. Guess what defense they run?
  20. FuzzyLumpkins

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    Then you need good tackle play and fast LBers. We have the latter but we need help at the former.

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