Garrett Has Had Full Autonomy Over the Offense For 6 Years

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Beast_from_East, Jan 3, 2013.

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    That's irrelevant. He still inherited a roster with no OL talent when he took over. If you want to pretend he's the father of that mess, be my guest.

    And that statement was carefully worded. It does not say he will pick the players. It merely says we won't force a player on him.

    The only thing I'm faithful to is the truth. I won't rip somebody unless it's called for IMO. When the subject is the current state of the OL, Garrett is way down my list of people to blame.
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    This offense has had Garrett's personal stamp on it for 6 years and this team, in general, for the past two. I don't know what parameters or limitations he's had with regards to personnel but if he had little or minimal say, then that was something he knew taking the job and he should have gone to Baltimore.

    JG is, at the very least, partially responsible for what we see on the field. We've had issues beyond just personnel that include basic game day miscues that you wouldn't expect from a high school coach. As CL mentioned, the bulk of this OL was put together over the past 2 years and his family is involved in scouting these players so if JG didn't think he could win with hem, then he should have said something.

    I think Jerry has been a miserable failure as a GM but that doesn't give JG a pass under this set of circumstances.
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    Sure if you want to say "full autonomy" is a bit of a stretch, you can say that. But by that very strict definition, almost no head coach in the NFL other than Bill Belichick has "full autonomy", because that would mean being able to cut players at will. It would also mean 100% control over the draft room. And almost no HC has that absolute power.

    But that doesn't mean he hasn't had more say than most OCs. Most of us know that Garrett was the co-HC in charge of offense, just the way Jerry wanted it. It's probably the biggest reason he hired Wade to begin with, because he wanted Jason to be in full control.

    From before this season:

    RS knows this, he's just a Garrett Homer. His lack of success must be attributed to someone else. His players are no good. And so on.
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    Nobody's giving him a pass. He's just not at the top of the blame list for an OL that has been mismanaged and neglected for years before he became the head coach.

    Never in the history of the league has an offensive coordinator made draft picks or FA decisions. You guys need to brush up on titles and what they mean within an organization if you believe otherwise. Doesn't mean he can't have input in certain situations, but he sure isn't the decision maker.

    Our draft classes of 2003-2010 should have formed the core of our current OL. But when we weren't making bad picks there we were neglecting the positions altogether. That has more to do with what's going on now than anything Jason Garrett has been a part of the last two years.
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    Gotta look at it this way, wether he inherited an OLine with just Free is irrelavant.

    He's been on board for 6 yrs---He has seen the OLine prospects come and go with no demand for better players in the cuboard--either as starters or to develop.

    He sure has been damn poor at telling JJ that what he's been giving is below NFL standards,-----or maybe he couldnt tell the difference?:eek:
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    Or maybe he simply didn't have the power as an assistant coach to make draft decisions.

    This is comical. In a room full of the owner/GM, the head coach and the VP of personnel and director of scouting, the offensive coordinator is dictating draft picks.

    Was this before or after the Easter Bunny arrived?
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    Like I said earlier... On Hard Knocks Jerry straight up asked him... "Felix or Mendenhall", and Garrett chose Felix.

    It on video. So there is a lot of evidence, including what Chocolatelab posted, that shows Garrett has always had a lot of say in his offensive personel.
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    LOL................sure he didnt create this Oline debacle. The first year that he is here, he cuts all the veteran lineman and puts undrafted FA's and 7th round picks in their place. LOL

    In Wades tenure, he was known for not wanting to rely on rookies or young players. The first offseason Garrett comes in, he overhauls the entire line?

    Give it a rest. It was Garretts #1 priority when he got here. Great idea, I loved it. But the people he has brought in to fill those holes has been absolutely abysmal. Two years in a row now.
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    Yep......we all saw it. He asked Garrett what he should do, and Garrett chose the backup, scat back.

    And then to top it off, Felix rode the bench for most of the first year until Barber got hurt. In fact, his first two years on the Cowboys, Garrett barely incorporated him into the offense. So this was his hand picked first round pick. His newest toy for his offense and he barely uses him? Garrett is the worst. Hands down the worst I have EVER seen. Its not even close.
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    Yeah, that's one incident where he had some say. Did he make the determination to pick one of those two players? Did he make the call to stay there and use the pick and not accept a trade?

    Did he sign off on Mike Jenkins because there weren't any OL he wanted there? Was he responsible for James Marten? Robert Brewster? Were those his ideas?

    Does anybody but a frustrated Dallas fan believe this is even remotely logical?

    Who's running the Giants war room? Kevin Gilbride?
  11. Risen Star

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    Because those aging stiffs couldn't play anymore. That flush needed to be done. Unfortunately, there was no one in the pipeline to take over.
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    I dont know about all of that. All I know is that Jerry said this.

    Everything points to him having a lot of say about the weapons he has had.
  13. Risen Star

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    I don't doubt he's had input. But that's a far cry from full autonomy and if you're honest about who is to blame for the current state of the OL, Garrett's name has to come after Jerry, Stephen, Parcells and Wade.

    Now the longer he stays here the more responsible he'll be but I can't blame a head coach of 2 years for bad decisions of 10.
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    Ok, so let's suppose we "can't blame him for the crap O-line he inherited" AFTER he cut the aging stiffs. Can we at least blame him for the declining offensive performances? The inability to find a way to change the game plan to expose a defenses weaknesses? The inability to beat a team that is blitzing the A Gap on 60+% of your snaps? Or the inability to play to his players strengths?

    Does any of that blame fall on him?
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    Why is Tony Romo still having to tell guys where to line up?
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    I can, he was a critical part of the poor decision making leadership for 6 of those 10 years. He doesn't take all the blame, but either he is a non-entity and lacks the gravitas to be a leader and coach, or he was part of the poor calls, either way he hasn't produced results.
  17. visionary

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    apparently not

    garrett is made of teflon
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    I don't necessarily put the onus on what a coach did or didn't do 7, 8 or 9 years ago and balme him for this team's current faults. While BP missed on OL in the draft, he revamped the OL by bringing in Kosier and Colombo, allowing the latter to rehab and it paid off, as well as basically resurrecting the careers of Adam and Gurode who had pro-bowl seasons under BP. So I don't know how you can blame a guy who accomplished what JG/JJ couldn't.

    There was a lot of talk about the RKG and JG wanted to get rid of the dead wood, much of it on the line. Are you saying that JG was not part of the evaluation process for guys like Free? Or Costa? Or any of the current chumps for that matter? Wasn't he an advocate for dumping Holland or Davis? How about Adams? There's a lot of blame to go around with the current regime in place, including Garrett.

    Now if you're telling me that JG went into Jones and told him that Free, Costa, Livings, Bernadeau, Arkin, Dockery and Cook were inadequate to win with but Jerry still brought them in, then you may have a point. But JG's his brother had a hand in evaluating the likes of Livings, Bernadeau, Dockery and Cook, at the very least. That's putrid.
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    My take is that Jerry, stephen, and the scouting department are the most responsible for who we draft. But we saw that at least in that instance, he specifically requested him.

    But there is no doubt in my mind that Garrett gets asked his opinions on players. And I have no doubt that Garrett is highly responsible for evaluating his current personel and relaying to jones who he feels needs to be replaced, and what exactly he needs to to improve the team. What the priorities are personel wise for his scheme and to improve the team.

    He also has full control of those players once they come in, thier developement, thier use, and who gets cut and who stays. And I have no doubts, as Jones has indicated, that Garrett signs off on every FA that is brought in here. So he must have had a hand in evaluating them.
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    I like Jason and wanted him as coach but its just not working. 6 years with tony and feel he hasn't taken him to the next level. He's he's made mistakes but this oline Is awful and it's time for change. Just like big Jerry said

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